The Day I Went "Viral"

I have had this blog since 2007, which is a long time ago in my life, and even further ago in terms of the internet. Indeed, this blog oddly precedes my own adoption of Facebook and Twitter by several months, and was originally started on Bebo for Christ's sake.

It has taken me years to get to a point where I get several hundreds of views a day, and I am quite content with around 2'000 views a month, with my busiest month around 3'000 last December. However, on the 23rd December 2013, something very very odd happened.

I wrote this post late last week and posted it. I got a few comments here and there from friends, and then I decided to post it on Facebook in one of very few posts not about my radio show. A few friends "reshared" it into their timeline, which was great, and then Colin decided to post it to Hacker News, an accumulator of sites and news articles.

From there it just went mental. He posted the story around 1pm and by 2pm I had had around 1000 hits, which was astronomical. The most one page had been hit previously had been around 2000 for this post oddly, from years ago. So there, at that moment, I was so amazed. And then something more happened.

Twitter started being involved, with several accounts with more than 1000 followers (one with over 20'000) shared the link. Coupled with someone posting it to Reddit, which is the place all things viral are made, and it really got out of hand. By the end of the night, that one post had managed to break through 11'000 page impressions.
The graph of the views over time.

So yeah, that was my moment of viral fame, or whatever. I never intended it, but it felt nice to have so many people reading my words, thinking about my opinions, and commenting so well about them.

My now blip.
Now, after the event, I am back to around 200 views a day. Which is fine by me. What it has done is completely buggered my graphs for the rest of the blog - I had a plan for a post that showed the steady increase in my readership over the past five years, but now it just shows that I am a one hit wonder.