The Monday Graveyard Covers, Shows 1 to 7

Oh, you didn't know I had a radio show? Well, I do - catch it on Monday nights, 11pm to midnight on Pulse 98.4 here or via the Tunein radio app. Pretty neat? You can listen to the shows at the blog, here.

Anyway, each week I post the recorded show onto Mixcloud to allow people to listen back to them. 11 to midnight is a late slot, so I understand that it's good to have that feature of the show. Plus, I am big on archiving shows like that.

The brand of the show, that you can see on the main blog, is a wind turbine, taken from underneath. I like the majesty of the turbine. The grey colour sky is nice, I think.

Each show put up has a cover image, and I like making them. So, here are the first seven covers with a bit of text about them. I am going to keep this series going over the run of the show which should hopefully being a long time.

The first show sets the tone for the whole series, and it was something that I agonised over for quite some time. It is actually just a sequel, or a redo, of the Wednesday Graveyard: "Live" series of podcasts, and the series three style, with a few tweaks. Namely, the name (!) and the date. I decided that the date is important seeing as each week there will be a new show.