"My" versus "The"

It is the relative start of a new year, and despite it being February already, January feels like it had just got going before it was untimely put out to pasture. I always think this about January, and I feel for it. It's never a month that people like to go through, what with the post-christmas diets, the long pay day gap, and the generally crappy weather.

It is, however, the month where I can start going back over 2013's "Best of" lists and start catching up with music, film and other media that I might have missed via the generalities of consensus. These lists are okay, and some are better than others, but even I know that most miss out on true gems here and there.

I am not going to wax lyrical about the benefits and proficiency of these lists, however. There is something that really pisses me off, and it rarely happens on professional sites and publications but is found all over the internet, and actually touches on a point that I learned the hard way:

The difference between "My" and "The".

MY top albums.
THE top albums.

A subtle difference.