On the 12th of February 2014 I missed the seventh birthday of this very blog. Whoops.

If you're just reading now, you might want to check out those embryonic first posts using the Archive selector to the right. My first foray into blogging was back when it was still fairly new.

It's amazing to think I have this online resource, a diary of sorts, that can be read back. Occasionally, I'll drop back into the world of 2008 Mark, or 2011 Mark, and reread what I had posted. It's a nice way to relive memories and reexaime thought processes. And seeing as I am on the cusp of something altogether new, it's even more interesting to think that this will live on as a live document of those times.

I think that cataloging and archiving are very important - I record a copy of my radio show each week for catch up yes, but also as a record. I am meticulous in keeping order - there is a spreadsheet with all the posts ever on this blog, chronologically sorted. All my music is perfectly tagged.

Here's to another seven years. See you in 2021.