Don't hate me. I have started to place adverts by Google on this here blog. Why you might ask? Well, I'll tell you.

First of all, you probably won't even notice them. I have pretty deep ad-blindness, and I rarely see adverts online anymore. This is actually a massive problem for advert based revenue websites. They can't make any money from click throughs as no one clicks through, and page impression adverts are really poorly compensated for because an impression is useless as a stat for how many people actually see the adverts.

Secondly, it is a free service. As this blog is hosted on Google's Blogger service, despite using my own URL, this is an easy thing to add to the blog. I don't pay anything for the blog to run, as it's hosted for free online by them, and I don't need to make money from the blog to survive as it's a hobby. So yeah, it doesn't cost anything to add to here.

Thirdly, my blog has been rocketing up the charts in terms of how many views. Since December 2013 I have had over 20k impressions, one half of the total impressions from the last six years of the blog running. Before, not many folk read it - but now, apparently, I have loads of readers (Hi!) and that means that it might make sense to maybe earn some coin from that. How much coin? No idea. Google won't tell me.

That actually leads on to my final point - I won't know if this will make me any money at all, and the only way to get an estimate was to sign up. So yeah, you'll see adverts for a while and I'll see how much it works, and if it works I'll keep them, and if they detract from the site then I'll get rid of them. You will find them under each post and one in the site bar on the right, and I'll be tweaking them the longer I have them on here.

So yeah, sorry about that if you dislike it - think of it as an experiment. Feedback is appreciated, however it'll be buried under the now 100 spam messages I get a day.