About me and this Blog

A long time ago, after I moved out of the parental home, I decided to follow a friend into the blogging game.  I actually didn't really know much about what I was going to write about but I decided early on not really to take myself too seriously.

I do, however, hence the pretentiousness of this particular page and blog design.  And, the fact that I am still writing it, pretending that people read it... well there in lies my great delusion.

Well, who am I?  I am Mark, from Glasgow, who had until very recently lived in Aberdeen with my work, but now reside in Houston Texas.  I have a close family who I talk to a lot and a wonderful girlfriend who is Canadian, one of the best types.  I love music, writing, reading, playing computer games, walking, dreaming and a load of other things that I really shouldn't list here but I have.

There are several posts of mine that I think you should read but I am not going to tell you which ones.  You'll just have to find out.

Thanks for stopping by. :)