In the past I have done many posts (almost yearly) about Why Autumn Is the Best Time of the Year (which it is, of course), and because that is a fact, this year I am not going to do that kind of post because everything I have stated before is still true, and I am steadfast that this should be the natural view point of anyone.

This year though I managed to squeeze in a short blast of fall in Canada. The first time I went to Canada was for Connie’s sister’s wedding towards the end of September. That year was a mild one, and the leaves had yet to properly start turning red. In Ontario the leaves don’t turn a yellowey green like they do in the UK, but instead sharply change from green to bright red and the result is absolutely incredible.

Looking out the window at work right now as I type this on my lunch hour I can see a line of trees that are slowly changing colour. In the early afternoon sun under a clear blue sky, the colours are relatively bright, but still oddly poetically subdued compared to the dark reds that I saw in Canada. It is funny how the two seasons are so different and the connotations between the two are so different for people.

Canada and Scotland have ties, long lasting ties, and ones that for me will never be the same. Being with Connie has changed my life in every way for the better, but it’s the subtle things that make the oddly strongest impact. I’ve talked about my relationship with Canada before, but it is only slowly becoming clear that when we have children of our own, I’ll be the only single-nationality person in my family (unless you count UncleFrank, which I tend to).

Further Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of the Year

A summary of reasons previously mentioned:

In 2008 I talked about scarves, frost, huff on the windows of buses, football under floodlights, warm jackets and hugs.
In 2009 I talked about scarves (again), the "cold smell", dark nights, tea and coffee, warm jackets (again) and hugs (again).
In 2010 I talked about how I was missing all of the above as I lived in Texas.
In 2011... I totally forgot to mention my love of autumn. Sorry.

And in 2012 my loves have been amended.

Yes, once again I am excited to wear scarves. I already have worn one, to the scorn of my friends who spluttered and laughed when I arrived. I will be wearing as many as I can get my hands on. I'd happily wear a scarf at my desk if it were viable.

Hot drinks
I've mentioned hot drinks before, but this time with a new twist - Connie's favourite thing to do is to go and get drive-through hot drinks, or at least go out to get them. I agree that this is a fantastic revision of the old hot drinks rule, and now with Frank in tow it will be even more fun. Speaking of which...

Walking Frank
Sounds mental - walking a dog at 6am on a cold and wet morn, but so far I've enjoyed it immensley. Frank loves being outside and loves being walked, finally make the association with the leash and jacket combination with freedom and sniffing at the base of street lights. In the morning, especially on weekends, it feels like my own secret wee trapse through the wilderness of the southside. Quiet, dead and empty, like 28 Days Later, but with more vomit outside the clubs and pubs.

The Orange Street Lights
This one is strange one, but one that's perfectly valid - in Aberdeen the street lights are white. This means that this autumn is the first in my graduated life that will be lighted by the Glasgow orange sodium lamps, and it's already highly nostalgic. And I cannot wait for it to snow, but talking about snow (and winter) during a post about autumn is sacreligous.

Gig Season
Another factor in having moved is that starting in October it's gigging season, and there are hundreds more concerts in Glasgow than in Aberdeen during this time of year. I've already signed up for three and wish to go to many more. Brilliant.

A new one this; cannot wait to come home to my lady and my puppy and kick back with a nice glass of single malt. Fantastic.

Big fan of these all year round, of course, but outside, in the cold, with huff around, hugs become a valuable currency. 

Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of the Year and Why I am Missing It

For the last two years I have posted my wonderings on why I love the season of Autumn. They can be found at the links above and are worth reading because they are like a short love note to Scotland. I hadn't realised it at the time but you know, I actually am missing parts of the bad weather in Scotland. For example, take some of the things that make Autumn my favourite time of the year - scarves, the cold smell, dark nights, frost, Guy Fawkes Night... because of my relocation to the American States I am not allowed to even think about these items and events because of the change in climate.

Last night, for example, I sat by the pool in a nice warm heat in the shorts and tee shirt drinking beer. It's the middle of October for christ's sake! I should be wrapped up in my blanket at the flat drinking tea and watching television into the dark nights rather than sunning my self poolside drinking beer... it's insane. And that I am missing the cold and dark weather of Scotland is not to say that I am not enjoying the heat here - quite the opposite in fact, the weather is amazing - but I do miss Scotland and the things that, whilst I am there living it, I probably complain about.

(More) Reasons Why Autumn Is the Best Time of the Year

Last Year.
- Scarfs, again

As I said last year I love scarves. I mean, they are great. They are like putting a warm hug right around your neck, and also make a suit look more daper. A good scarf can make a rubbish jumper so much better, and will finish off my new blkazer really well.

- The cold smell

The smell I am talking about is the one you get at night and early in the morning. It’s the sharp intake of breath in the morning that wakes the senses, the smell of the cold is such a remarkable feeling

- The Dark Nights
Some people, those who are unenlightened, seem to think that the dark nights are not nice. Wrong. The dark nights are what makes this country so amazing. The lights on Union Street (or Glasgow’s George Square) are as evocative of Christmas and drink than that of actual wrapping paper and carols. It’s the homely feeling of things building up to a proper holiday with family, rather than a disjointed weekend of glimpses and glances with friends.

- Tea and Coffee
Tea is elevated from being a lovely drink to an essential part of the nightly process. A cup of tea before bed is something I have almost without fail, but a cup of tea in the morning becomes wrote and is places, some mornings, even before I’ve had a shower. Coffee in a coffee house comes a close second to tea in this instance.

- Warm Jackets, again

As before Jackets are what makes Winter Winter. I love wearing them. I am going to buy a new one that’s going to chosen not for it’s warming qualities, but it’s ease of hugging.

- Hugs

Enough said.

The Reasons Why Autumn Is the Best Time of the Year

- Scarfs
I love nothing more than wearing a big woolly scarf in the cold weather. It was a bold move when I was at school to wear a scarf gifted to me by Hazel back when it was not exactly in vogue to wear them. A few years later and it is the ultimate male fashion accessory, worn even in clubs and the middle of summer – I was such a trend setter.
- Frost
Okay, scraping it off the car is not very nice and the slipping on the ice can be quite sore if you fall on your arse but I love the feeling of a really hard frost on the grass. The crunch of the grass and the slippy car park is always really good fun in the mornings.
- The huff on the windows of buses
Something about seeing fogged bus windows that remind me of my trips on the 138 in 2nd and 3rd year going to and from Uni. The top deck of the rickety old red buses and the horrible stale smell of years of smoking and the over used leather seats all make me smile when thinking about a simpler time.
- Football under floodlights
This week we played football and it was really good fun, but half way through and the flood lights came on and suddenly it reminded me of last year, when e first started playing football week in week out.
- Warm Jackets
The only thing beating scarves for the title of my favourite thing about autumn is that people wear big jackets. My large woolly trenchcoat is amazing. I love it. I love people in big jackets and I like wearing them.
- Hugs
These can be very nice from the right person in the cold of a taxi queue, bus stop, on a train platform or even in a warming up car.
- Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes night
Why are these two nights great? Because it includes frost, scarves, jackets and hugs in one big festival of drunkenness.