For the longest time I have drawn maps. Not just basic route maps, but highly detailed road, rail and city layouts from a top-down perspective. Before Google Maps existed, I used to pore over maps, scans and aerial photography. The idea that aerial photography existed back in the late 1990s was astonishing, and now we just take it for granted.

I started drawing maps when I was a child. I can distinctively remember drawing a map when I was in mid-Primary school, which would make me around 8 years old. Since that was over 20 years ago now, my skills and details have became more interesting and powerful, and my ambition greater.

The main series of my maps take place in a fictional city called Mexchester and the surrounding area called Mextonshire. I have drawn city-wide road layouts, train tracks and lines, motorway junctions, suburbs and much much more. Even potted histories of these places exist in my head and in sketched out ramblings presented as Wikipedia entires. The depths of my madness have yet to be fully plundered.

And now, the best place to get my maps is on my Instagram account @mapsbysheeldz.

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