The Future of the Monday Graveyard

I launched the Monday Graveyard back in early December 2013, a week or so after Connie and I found out we were pregnant and expecting our daughter Joni. The podcast originally broadcast back on Pulse 98.4, a community radio station in Glasgow, and in time I grew the show from a few bemused friends to a small, but fairly regular listener ship. I also fostered some awesome friendships through the show.

The show has gone through a few changes - I went full on Radio with guests in the studio, and I did full episode artist mixes. I even tried to get some exclusive interview stuff, but none of that ended up working out. In the end, in July 2015, I had to give up the FM Radio part of the show, and it became the online-only podcast that it is today.

In the past five years, the show has gone from near-on exactly weekly to nearly not broadcasting at all, and then onto the sporadic, and now maybe a little more frequent and regimented.

So, the MG Then

Podcasts build audiences on frequency. The “best” podcasts I listen to, without fail, post a new show weekly or monthly or whatever their planned schedule is. The MG has failed to manage that since the transition to podcast only since 2015, mostly due to life and stuff stopping me. That makes a lot of sense.

My listenership has amazingly still steadily risen since those heady FM days, at least online. I have no idea what the “live” audience was on the live stream online or the FM listeners when I was broadcasting on Pulse, but since then my podcast numbers have reached 2000 to 3000 regular “pings” on the RSS feed each week, and around 50 odd listening on Mixcloud. I also have listeners on Tunein Radio and other services that I don’t see. So the listenership is healthy for what I think is a very niche podcast.

At the end of the day, the main thing I’ve realised is that I’ve not fully embraced the online-only aspect of the show, sticking to the now-familiar show format of INTRO-SONG-LINK-SONG-SONG-LINK ad infinitum that works perfectly well but… can feel stale. I have an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of ideas, so maybe after five years it is time to make some changes.

Changes and New Podcasts

I’ve thought long and hard about what to do to make the show more engaging, and I think as mentioned above regularity breeds audience and enjoyment, I find. So, to that end, there are going to be some big changes coming in January. These have all been thought out, planned, and considered to try and foster a new type of audience and maybe a better show.

That’s the end goal.

So begin with, let’s talk about the first change which isn’t a change at all really. The current format of the show - an hours new and old ambient music, mixed with my own vocals - is not really going to change. It will still be somewhere between 55 to 70 minutes long, feature music by a host of new and old artists, and best of all - be regimented, one a week, every Monday. This will begin in January 2019.

From now on this will be referred to as the Monday Graveyard Show, as it already is.

MG Focus


One of the key thing that I love about podcasts is that they can create stories and narratives whilst also forming opinions on things in a small, short-form format. I feel like that is something I could bring to the table, so the MG is going to launch two new podcasts in January 2019 focusing on new things and short form items about things in the genres that the Show covers.

The first new format of the show is all about a single album - MG Focus - where I take a single classic album and play choice cuts from it, and chat about it’s genesis, history, release, trivia, impact and place in music today. The first Focus will release in January 2019 and be monthly there-after.

These are not going to be just me chatting about the album. They will have narrative, clips, other music from the same time… I have a lot planned for these and this new series.

MG Insight


The second of the new formats is going to be a third format of the show - MG Insight - where I take on a single label and investigate their artists, history, influence, my favourites and much more. The first Inisight will also release in January, and it’ll be released monthly there-after, like Focus. But with the two of them alternating weeks, so each will release every fortnight alongside the main Show.

Supporting the Show via Patreon


To help support all of this, I am changing the Patreon. In the past when I first used it I think I over-reached big time and I realise that it was complicated. Instead, to support the show, you can pay $1 a month from January 2019 to get access to a special Patreon Only Podcast - MG Monthly - that will feature news, opinions and just a little bit of chat. More on that will be revealed in the new year.

The point of the patreon is to show support for the show, and this is something I’ve found interesting to see other podcasts do. In time, through the Patreon as a Patron, there might be other things - like user submitted ideas for Focus or Insight shows, or something different, I am unsure exactly of what they will be in the end, but to be sure that there will end up being more going on with the Patreon in time.

You can check out the newly updated Patreon here.

This is mostly to help with supporting the show, and that’s all.

All of the above shows, the usual Monday Graveyard Show, MG Focus and MG Insight will remain to be free and available to everyone. They will also be delivered via the same feed into your podcast apps and the Mixcloud account.

All that is changing is that I am trying to focus on making the MG as great as it can be and could be.

Oh, and another thing…

MG Infinite


In addition to the above new podcasts, I am finally going to launch a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, stream of all of the episodes of the show from the start to the current show - MG Infinite - that will allow you to log on and listen to a continuous stream of shows without needing to chose.

Current projection suggests March 2019 for this, as there is a some technical testing and development to be completed. Patrons will be used as part of the testing.

To Summarise!

  • The Monday Graveyard Show will continue, as a regimented Monday podcast

  • A new podcast, MG Focus, will launch with a new concept focusing on a classic album in a shorter style, released fortnightly.

  • A new podcast, MG Insight, will launch with a new concept focusing on a label in a shorter style, released fortnightly.

  • The Patron is not $1 a month, and gets you access to MG Monthly, a new small general podcast about chat and other media, with me.

  • In 2019 MG Infinite will launch. More on that later.

Once again thanks for supporting the show right now, and hopefully into 2019.

Mark x

Show Notes Episode 117 (24/10/2016)

As this is now the 39th week of my wife’s pregnancy, it is very likely that this will be last show before I become a dad for the second time, which is exciting and daunting. As mentioned in the last show notes it is better to get an episode of new music out to you rather than site for months on a backlog of shows, and doing non-vocal shows (or mixes) just makes a lot of sense, and it seems like some people might actually prefer them. Maybe my voice, whilst good and fine, might break up the flow of some of the shows. Who knows? I am not willing to ask the question outright, just in case I don’t like the answer

Either way, Episode 117 is, in my view, another really strong episode. I feel like from Episode 114 to 117 is a strong run of four episodes, and if you’re new to the show it’s probably a really good introduction. Additionally, those four shows have become some of my most listened to recent episodes, to which I can only thank those of you who share the shows around the internet.

I’m changing the format for this week to how this fits in – instead of writing out what would be the script for the show like Ep116, I’m going to try out a list like a track list with a bit of information and thoughts about each of the tracks, along with their timestamp so you can know exactly what you’re listening to. I’ll them see which one feels best and then take that forward to the future non-vocal shows.

Speaking of which, I don’t know how long that will be for to be honest. It depends on the birth, and how things go afterwards. I am sure I can spend time getting playlists together (already got 118 and 119 sorted) so that shouldn’t be too hard, and then there’s the three episodes due at the end of the year, the Monday Graveyear 2016, which will once again be three volumes.

The Invisible – Life’s Dancers (Floating Points Remix) (00.00)

The Invisible really surprised me with their 2012 album Rispah, and it has featured on the show once before. Their new album would have passed me by this year if I hadn’t been told it was one of the best of the year – it’s very good, and this is a Floating Points remix of one of the better tracks, and it’s certainly a good remix, but I need to spend more time with the album to really engage with it.

El Ten Eleven – Fanshawe (09.23)

This is a deceptively easy listen, and has been bumped from a few shows in the past, but this post-rock track is a good track and whilst it feels melodic there is a slight unease at its cheeriness that I feel permeates through the track and the album from which it is taken.

Pye Corner Audio – Autonomization (12.41)

If any one artist matched their artwork, Pye Corner Audio is it – their Ghostbox releases all have a twinge of Sinclair ZX80 style to them, and the music always matches that aesthetic. This is taken from their new album Stasis, which follows last years belter Prowler.

Blanck Mass – D7-D5 (19.19)

This is another brilliant track from the artist that also released the pretty dark Dumb Flesh record last year and this year’s Great Confuso EP, both of which will earn places on many best-of lists. This is taken from the Album Swim Singles Club 2016 which also dropped just this week the first track from the new Run the Jewels record, RTJ3, which has me excited. I love F Buttons and Blanck Mass, and almost everything that they collectively or solo-y release is pretty awesome.

Still Corners – Down with Heaven and Hell (27.07)

This is a change of pace for the show, which should flow well into the following two tracks. This is also a bit of a change for what the show normally choses, as spacey pop music isn’t normally what fits on the show, but I have had a soft spot for Still Corners for quite some time, and have played them at least once before on the show before. I loved their album Strange Pleasures and this is a single from the new album Dead Blue, which came out in September. This feels like a cross between Beach House and Braids, which are two of my favourite dreamy female-lead artists at the moment. I really should play more Braids.

C. Duncan – On Course (30.10)

I adored C. Duncan’s debut album Architect. Like, properly loved everything about it. This is a different album, but equally as sultry, featuring vacuumed vocals, more mid-tempo tracks, and a thread of nostalgia almost Vaporwave style synths, it harks back to a dreamy VHS laden tape that I can’t quite remember. From the new album The Midnight Sun, released on Fat Cat a year after Architect, it sounds more expansive and more emotional, but really fits on this show and fits into my life right now. It’ll end up in top ten of the year in December for sure.

Efterklang feat Karsten Funal – The Colour of Not Love (33.47)

Efterklang released their last material in 2012, and Pyrimidia never really grabbed me the way that Magic Chairs and Under Giant Trees did. This, is something quite different. It’s taken from their new Opera (yes, that’s right, Opera) titled Leaves – The Colour of Falling that is released on the 4thNovember, and it’s utterly bewitching to my ears, with a calm mixture of arpegiatted synths and vocals, with a drama only found in Operatic work, and bodes well for a sharp left turn into something quite valiantly different. I’m safe to say it excited about this album.

The Album Leaf – Back to the Start (37.31)

A new album from The Album Leaf in 2016 is not something I was expecting. I have listened a lot to their earlier albums, especially the pretty successful Into the Blue Again, and this is one of the few post-rocky albums to have me return to it this year. Between Waves has some really dreamy vocal tracks too, which is a nice change on the record, but this mathy rocky track is a joy.

Marielle V Jackonsons – The Beginning is the End (42.14)

I couldn’t have gone through a whole show without some deeply moody neo-classical drone, and this is of the highest quality. This is taken from her second album Star Core and my goodness it’s a good autumnal listen. Bending and twisting in rhythmic ways that are simple gorgeous and stark, it feels like a record that might change entirely with the seasons, and that might be the best things that can be said about it.

Boards of Canada – New Seeds (47.55)

After a few years, this, along with Nothing Is Real and Sick Times, is the stand out track from Tomorrow’s Harvest. It is now over three years since they released it, which means that maybe they have a new album or EP due. I mean, of course they do. It was only a seven year wait the last time, so that means that as of December we could be halfway through it. Either way, I still find new things to listen to on the album, and it is slowly usurping Trans Canada Highway in third spot. But who am I kidding – they’re all equal, like children, to me.

Show Notes Episode 116 (03/10/2016)

This week’s episode was a non-vocal show because of life getting in the way of me recording a show. Instead, I threw together an hour of music that would have been on the show for this week. I have realised that with a 2 year old, a heavily pregnant wife, and later a brand new baby, the show might have to take a back seat for a while, and recording a show is hard to get an hour of quiet time for in my home studio. Instead, these shows seem like a better way of making sure I keep putting out episodes of good music and in the future will return to being a true vocal podcast once things settle down.

In the meantime, I have decided that it might be worthwhile kicking back up the “Show Notes” idea, where I write a bit about each track and artist as if I was doing the show live. So here’s episode 116’s show notes. You can listen to the show under this post as you read, you like.

First off, it might be worthwhile noting the awesome artwork for this week’s show. As mentioned before, each week’s artwork is a totally original composition created by myself. I have been making these artworks for my shows since 2012’s experiment with the old Wednesday Graveyard podcast which predates the Monday Graveyard. That means that for 115 episodes the artwork has been developed entirely by myself with only one exception; Phoenix York submitted his own artwork, to which I modified for the show’s aesthetic. I have also created all the assets and logos used on social media to advertise the show. I have also had a Monday Graveyard Instagram account since the beginning but it was difficult to use before the recent multi-account support.

This weeks’ artwork is however a bit different from the usual style of landscapes. It is an original composition by long-time friend of the show Body in the Thames who, over a few days a few weeks ago, uploaded some amazing art for a future BITT release, and after a chat on Twitter with himself and another listener, he gifted this amazing artwork to the show. Go and check out his most recent releases here. I love the artwork.

The shows starts with Jherek Bischoff’s Closer to Closure (at 0.00) which is a dark neo-classical work that I’ve utterly fallen for. I found the album a few months back and it is just simply dark, deep and a pretty doom-y way to start this show. I mean, it’s full of organic instrumentation that is worked into ghostly sounds and the album packs a pretty orchestral punch that always gets me interested. The line between ambient and neo-classical is sometimes bridged by noise and abrasive sound, like Ben Frost or Tim Hecker, but Jherek manages to find in amongst this harsh sound beauty, which is always a fabulous thing.

The second track is the title track from the new album by Monday Graveyard favourite Tycho, titled Epoch (at 5.18). When they first released this a few weeks back it felt like return to form, as you might remember that I didn’t fully care for their last album Awake. I adore Dive and this seemed like a return to that. Having now listened to the new album (which was released on digital formats by surprise on the 30th of September) I feel like it is a mix of both, but is pretty lovely to listen to and I’m enjoying getting to know it better each time I listen to it.

The next two tracks are 2 8 1 4’s Lost in a Dream (at 11.00) and Olan Mill and Alex Lucas’ Ibro (at 18.04) which are a perfect pairing of dark and deep electronica and piano work. Olan Mill is a longtime MG alumni appearing on the earliest shows available. After that is the bleepy drone of Ketev’s Stripes from the House of the Shaman (at 20.48) which leads you down a trippy sonic hallway (and feels pretty insane on headphones).

Ben Chatwin is another long-time MG alumni featuring in both his name and his artist name of Talvihorros. This is a cut from the new album Heat and Entropy released in July of this year, and is another unsettling shift in tone for the artist. I’m going to lift directly from the PR speak for this track because it’s awesome; apparently, on Standing Waves (at 26.45) “he attached pieces of metal, rubber and tape to the piano strings” which makes the sounds even more wonderful in that they sound other-worldly as percussive elements.

It is worth mentioning Bamnan who debuts on the show with a track titled Quaratine (at 36.29). Bamnan is the artist name of Colin Mawson who I’ve known for many years after meeting on a message forum. We have kept in touch a bit, and he’s listened to the show for a while now, and I’ve been looking at putting on his tracks on the show for months and maybe even years. A few years ago he released an album titled Motivation to Soundcloud and I still listen to it. This track is taken from a new release on Soundcloud titled Threat of Violins which continues his growth into something truly wonderful. I wish more people knew of his work, as it deserves wider recognition.

As most shows are filled for time with some chat, there was a shortfall of around 10 minutes in this show when putting it together. Normally, the music runs to 50 minutes, so needing a ten minute piece, Mogwai came to mind, and I thought immediately of classic Christmas Steps. The alternative version, Xmas Steps, was also considered, and both are great, but I have a penchant for the album Come On Die Young, which is my favourite release of theirs. Mogwai’s work is just a staggering set of albums and material and even their most recent work stands the test of time, in my opinion. The second to last track comes from a recommendation from Craig from Very Very Small Inclusions who put in touch with this album – Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. This, Laura Palmer’s Theme (at 51.28) is a great reinterpretation of the series’ theme. My dad recommended me the show after my fandom of The X Files was so high, and after watching the first episodes I was hooked on the music and the whole series. I am excited for the revival next year, and that the original composer is coming back, but wary too. I don’t think the original series is untouchable and perfect in any way, but to capture that moment again might be difficult.

To end the show I return to a cult favourite of mine, Hills West with The Cold in the Rain (at 56.21). A great almost lazy way to the show.

An Update / Explanation

So you might have been wondering where the show has gone these past few months. Since April there have been three episodes; almost one a month. One in the middle of May, and two at the start and end of June. If I don’t finish episode 112 by next week, July will become the first month since December 2013 to not have had a Monday Graveyard episode released in it. There are a few reasons for this, but I need clear a few things up before we go any further.

The Monday Graveyard isn’t over, nor is it winding up. I’ve had a few messages asking what has been going on and if this petering out of momentum was related to the show ending or some other cataclysmic thing. The answer to that is absolutely not. If anything, I am more committed to the show right now than I was at the beginning of the year. This won’t be obvious considering the lack of shows so far this year, or at least since April, but I can assure you that the reason isn’t for a lack of enjoyment of doing the show.

Instead, it’s a matter of circumstance. You might know that my wife is expecting our second child this coming October, a cause for great celebration. It has, however, not been an easy pregnancy,a nd the other fact is that there is a two year old running about the house in addition to that. So as with all these things, sometimes things have to give way, and the show is an easy distraction that I sometimes find hard to find the time to record. However, that doesn’t stop me from finding and listening to amazing music, and there has been a lot of it this year so far. In fact, some of my favrouite releases this year are ambient and electronica, which is different from other years.

I have three episodes ready to be recorded and I am going to aim to get a new episode, EP112, released on Monday the 25th of July, and then stick to a strict fortnightly schedule, with the plan to try and get the episodes sorted a while in advance. I have making a show down to a tee, and can record, edit and publish a show within 45 minutes, would you believe (not including the hours of playlisting before however).

So that’s the reasons and that’s the plan. I hope you stick with the show and I have some cool stuff planned in the coming months. I thank you for sticking with me, and we have the third anniversary of the show coming up in a few months, so that’s exciting.

Thanks again.

The Monday Graveyard at 100 - The Best Episodes


The Monday Graveyard has hit episode 100. Listen to the show here. This is part of a series of posts about the show in celebration of the 100 episode milestone.

There have been 100 episodes and Fragile X picked out some of his favourites over here on his wonderful blog post about the show. I decided it might be interesting for me to detail what I consider the “best” episodes, so here they are.

Episode 1 (02/12/2013)


That’s right – what better place to start that to listen to what is still the most listened to episode of the show – episode 1 is the starting point, and it features all the hallmarks of someone not really nowing what the show will become, but also the excitement I had. When it first aired, Connie and I drove across the city to the southside and sat in the car, drinking hot chocolate and coffee, as the show played out over FM radio for the first time. This fulfilled a life long dream, to have an FM radio show – a real radio show. I think back to do doing those live shows with fondness, but it was tiring work. Staying up to 1am every Monday night was fine when I was not a dad (we had found out we were pregnant shortly before I was given the slot).

Episode 11 (10/02/2014)

This is the first Monday Graveyard “Backyard” show that focuses entirely on Scottish music. I enjoyed doing this show a lot. It was the attempt to fulfil part of the brief of the show, to find new talent in Scotland. I later would remove this restriction, spreading the work across all the shows in the run.

Epsiode 16 (24/02/2014)

This was one of my most “experimental” shows, and I called it the “LAPD Episode”. I would later return to the idea with the “NYPD Episode”, but the first one feels like it was better and held together better. But the implementation of the Police Scanner was an intriguing idea, and I think it worked really well.

Episode 22 (05/05/2014)


The first time I opened the doors of the studio up to a guest and it was one of the godfather’s of the show – Echolalia Radio’s Chris Nelms came on and dished out some wonderful music and chat, as well as a wee bit of the Echolalia charm.

Episode 25 (25/05/2014)

Second live studio guest – Fragile X came in and we chatted about music and his inspiration, also taking exclusive tracks off his new album Haptics.

Episode 77 and 78 – The Bandcamp Specials

I put a lot of effort into making sure that these two shows made it out live on Pulse giving them the biggest audience, and they are powerful stuff.

The Artist Series


I took a punt on this. I wanted some of my favourite pals from the show to work on Mixes for me, so I got Fragile X, Very Very Small Inclusions, Pheonix York and How Hot Is Your Cloud? to create special shows for the Artist Series. It was an absolute pleasure. Check them out here.

Episode 82 (20/07/2015)

I knew the show was leaving Pulse by this point, so I forced my hand and got Craig from VVSI into the studio to trade music back and forth and see who liked the music the best. We decided that we’d just keep going after the recording reached 58 minutes leading to the bumper 1 hour 23 minute extended episode. Check it out.

The Gameyard Vol 1 and Vol 2

Two episodes of just video game music – one the advantages of doing a show online. Got away with it – look out for Volume III in the coming months.

Episode 83 (27/07/2015)

All good things must end, and so with my 82 episode I finished my run on Pulse 98.4. Bittersweet, it was to be my last time on FM radio (for the time being).

Fragile X – Cult Zeroes Volume 16 – The Monday Graveyard

Strictly not a show, I returned the favour for Fragile X and his own series, and produced a 60 minute mix with my own changes and slight remixes. I enjoyed this experience a lot.

The Monday Graveyard at 100 - Music Discovery

The Monday Graveyard has hit episode 100. Listen to the show here. This is part of a series of posts about the show in celebration of the 100 episode milestone


One of the things that most people ask me when they talk about the show in my real life is “How do you find enough music to keep playing new tracks each week”. It is actually quite easy, for me – I have a job that allows me to listen to music daily and almost all the time, giving me around six to nine hours of listening time a day, depending on the work, around four days a week. This means that I have about 36 hours of music listening time each day, including the car. Now, some of that is reserved for podcasts like Wikishuffle, 99 Percent Invisible, the Wittertainment Podcast, and any other podcasts that I find in the week, but also for some BBC Radio 4 listening and some non-MG music listening. For example, in the past week Deftones has been on heavy rotation thanks to their new album announcement.

My personal discovery of new music was something that I wrote about for a blog that started up in 2012 called Opinionehted that has now died and vanished into the ether of the dead internet. It was a post that, then, was tailored for an audience of new music hopefuls, not someone doing a weekly hour-long podcast about a specific musical genre or genres. My listening habits have changed a lot and I thought that it might be prudent to explain a little behind the scenes of the show, with a post about how music comes to me and how a show is built.

Building a Show

Building a show normally starts with playlists. There are four places playlists live for me; iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, and my notebook. Yes, I have a real life hard bound notebook that I use to note down songs and tracks. This migrated a little bit to Google Keep a few weeks ago, but I reverted back to the hard paper version because I thought it was nice to have a real thing. There are therefore multiple sources for music that ends up on the show, and the sources normally end up being used to get details of the release and such. Once the playlists are settled down, I start to thread them, like knitting, into a few shows that make coherent sense. This is why, normally, I end up with three or so playlists and shows ready to go each week, with the choice of which one to record being mostly chronological. If I have had an idea for a themed episode I’ll start building that a few weeks ahead of time, dropping songs into them to build up a playlist. This is why stuff like the Gameyard ended up two shows – half way to the first show I realised that I’d bookmarked 100 minutes of music, which is two shows easily. This happens a lot.

Once the playlist is sorted I’ll go and start drafting the final running order. If this is in Spotify or Google Play Music it’ll be done by listening to the playlist over and over again, shifting the playlist endlessly around until I come up with a running order that feels right, whatever that means. 

Once the shows are "set" I'll record the show using Audacity. I did, for a while, trial Ableton and also Audition but the ease of Audacity sits best with me as a input method working seamlessly with my mic set up. 

Theset up for the show is a Scarlet Solo DAC plugged into my Macbook. I have a Rode NT1A microphone with their pro pop shield and a standard mic stand (that I actually bought for my wife several Christmases ago). The shows are now recorded in my front room which appears to give the best audio quality. 

As for discovering music it comes from loads of sources.  

  1. Spotify and Google Play Music. These services are plugged into my playlisting and it is easy to follow the artists the recommend in genres and related to artists I already play.  
  2. Pitchfork, and others. These give me goodtips on new music. One in particular, Articulate Silences, Ambient Sounds is cracking and a read it all the time. 
  3. Bandcloud mail out. I signed up to this last year and used it as inspiration for the centric shows. If you're a fan of my show you should be getting that mailer each week.  
  4. Promos and labels. I have managed to get labels and artists to get in touch with me. They send me their albums over all the time and it gets overwhelming but is something I'd never say no to.  Most of what gets played is either bought by me or promoed to me, which helps with the show.  
  5. Finally, personal recommended tracks. I have a group on WhatsApp for this with friends of the show, and regularly check out other podcasts to steal their shout outs, but a personal rec always works wonders.  

So there you go. A wee rundown of how the show works.  


The Monday Graveyard at 100 - The Backstory

The Monday Graveyard has hit episode 100. Listen to the show here. This is part of a series of posts about the show in celebration of the 100 episode milestone.


The backstory to the show begins a way back in the early mists of time, back in the wonderful world of my childhood. It might not surprise you to find out that my sister and I used to pretend to do radio shows, using the pernickety double tape deck of my hi-fi and the headphones plugged into the microphone port to do radio shows, doing links and making up pretend callers and the like. I wonder if, somewhere, those tapes are still available (they are mostly likely not) but it is fun to think that now, having done this for over two years, there might be a record of me doing it as a child for fun.

The Monday Graveyard has its genesis in two places – the Wednesday Graveyard, which was a podcast series I started off my own back, and my sister giving me the heads up about Pulse 98.4.

The Wednesday Graveyard is a playlist series that I started originally when Spotify first appear back in 2008. It was weekly, where I’d change 12 or so tracks that I’d been listening too, and other people could follow the playlist and get the new music directly into the music player each Wednesday. You can listen to the behemoth every track ever play list on the Wednesday Graveyard Almanac here

 This later spiralled into the Wednesday Graveyard: “Live”, a podcast-style radio show that I started doing on Mixcloud, following the success of seeing some friends do something similar. I pluged it to friends and family and got a healthy amount of plays, but it was a general podcast of music with no focus. Mostly based on what I wanted to play it was a bit all over the place, and certainly did’t benefit from great sound, being recorded on my Macbook’s microphone.

There were two series of shows – four episodes in series 1 and six in series 2, with a third series aborted after two episodes for various reasons. It was a shame, as I really enjoyed it. At the same time as this my sister started doing her own radio shows, firstly on Strathclyde’s Fusion station, and later doing a raft of shows and production duties at Pulse 98.4. We had had several discussions about me doing a real radio show, so when she left she pointed out that Neil Wilson (owner and host of Scottish Fiction), the commissioner and controller then for evenings on the show, had a load of slots free, so I emailed a pitch for the Monday Graveyard that went something like this…

“I have a large and addictive interest in electronic music and specifically ambient, neoclassical, drone, and further electronic types. Artists like Loscil, Tim Hecker, Talvihorros, Anenon, Stars of the Lid, Nathan Fake, Isnaj Dui and many others, including post rock acts that also fit the bill. That would be my plan for my proposed show, with a mixture of other electronic music like Tycho, Boards of Canada and many other “IDM” artists, and with a focus on local and Scottish electronic talent”

Neil emailed me back but it went to my junk folder, so there was a short period where I didn’t even know he was interested. I met with Neil on windy Saturday night at Pulse and got a tour, and we chatted at length about the show, my wishes for the show, and his expectations. After that, I had to come up with a name and a brand. I originally came up with “Long Drawn Out Soul” as the name for the show, but once the slot of 11pm on Monday was given to me, there was only one name for the show – the spiritual successor to the Wednesday Graveyard was born then and there – the Monday Graveyard. 

There was a pilot series of sorts, a few pre-recorded shows, before I was given a on-air tour of the station by Echolalia Radio’s Chris Nelms, who steered me through my first live broadcast in the studio. I went live for the first time on episode 7 and finished my run with episode 82 on Pulse, before rebirthing the MG as a podcast.


The artwork is a long enjoyed part of the show, and it all was adapted from the third series of the Wednesday Graveyard series, as you might now realise. Every single piece of art is original, 100%, all created by me. It is certainly true that the MG is a cottage industry, with hours spent each week trying to perfect each show.

There is one thing I have mentioned a lot in the shows leading up the show leaving Pulse and it was the Archive. I built a huge database of all the artists and songs player d on the show and it was meant to become a way of finding all the original shows that these artists had been in. I developed a lot of it and it is still there waiting to be finished, but time and effort has gotten in the way. It is not dead, but it is just a little further away than I had originally intended, as I had hoped I'd launch it with this episode. 

 In the coming days, a few more posts will shed light on the show’s other aspects.

The Monday Graveyear 2015 - Volume III

And this is the third and last but certainly not least of all the Monday Graveyear episodes this year. 2015 was a belter. Once again, the first part of 2016 will be filling my boots with what I missed from then. In the mean time, thanks to everyone who listens.

Listen to volume 3 on Mixcloud here.

  1. Ian William Craig – Empty Circle, Tremble – Cradle for the Wanting
  2. Jim Perkins – Constance – Constance
  3. Julia Kent – Invitation to the Voyage – Aserities
  4. Slow Meadow – Linen Garden, Pat 1 (feat Hammock) – Slow Meadow
  5. Sean McCann – Language of Night – Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings
  6. Leandro Fresco – Le Edad De Oro – El Reino Invisible
  7. Jeremy Young and Aaron Martin – A Pulse Passes From Hand to Hand III – A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand
  8. Chrome Sparks – Send the Pain On – Sparks EP
  9. Ben Chatwin – 203 Years – The Sleeper Wakes

The Monday Graveyear 2015 - Volume II

As I said, this year I’ve splurged with three hours of 2015 music, split into three separate podcasts/shows. The first was a great selection of drone and ambient, but this, the second volume, collects all the best electronica, IDM, and what I’d call “beat-based” electronic music from 2015 that I’ve played and enjoyed in the past twelve months. I split the three shows into two categories – the more ambient side and the less ambient side, and there was far more of the ambient stuff which is why it worked out as three volumes, split this way.

I have admittedly dropped the ball a little on the electronica side of the equation for the show this year, and it wasn’t intentional, but I did focus on more unearthing of ambient stuff in the past for various reasons. I envisage a 2015 What I Missed playlist really coming into focus in the new year for sure, but here’s the third volume of the Graveyear. If you found Vol 1 too ambient this might change your mind.

Listen here.

  1. C. Duncan – Say – Architect
  2. Helios – The Root – Yume
  3. Appeslcal – Moabit – For
  4. Mark McGuire – Beyond – Beyond Belief
  5. Lockah – South Bronx Parasite
  6. Anoice – Memories of You – Into the Shadows
  7. Aphex Twin – disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo] – Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments (vol 2) EP
  8. Walls – Moon Eye – Urals
  9. Fort Romeau – All I Want – Insides
  10. Battles – Tyne Wear – La Di Da Di
  11. Floating Points – Peroration Six – Elaenia
  12. Pye Corner Audio – Prowler
  13. Errors – Genuflection


The Monday Graveyear 2015 - Volume I

This year, 2015, has been a bumper year for the ambient, electronic, avant garde and neo-classical genres. More and more releases from more and more labels that are more and more interesting than ever before. What a time to be a purveyor of music of this type. Unlike last year, most of the artsts played in the 12 months leading to these shows have been played once or more on the show, but some haven’t made their appearance. That’s partly due to me constantly having to shift what I am listening to (when you realise your listening time is a finite resource you really ration it) and also partly for a year where the future of the show was in doubt.


However, I think we’ve weathered the hard times and are coming out in 2016 stronger than we are ending 2015 – that’s my opinion, but the computer game shows, the Artists Series, the live guest of Craig from VVSI and the eventual end of the show on FM have all been events that shaped the show in someway or another. The plans for 2016 are really more of the same, honing the podcast form a bit, and getting the scheduling a bit more concrete (notice that I’ve been back on the scheduling horse these past few weeks).

The Monday Graveyear, my round up of 2015 releases, serves two purposes – catch-all “best of” list for all albums I’ve loved in the year, and a catch-up of all the suggestions, recommendations and albums I’ve seen and been told about that didn’t quite make it onto the show. I do not discriminate – these 30 odd tracks are what I believe to be the best. This isn’t a thing of quality over quantity or the other way round, as in these three hour-long episodes you’ll find some of the best music 2015 has offered up. If you don’t find something in there you really love then I’m sorry.

Listen to the first volume of the Monday Graveyear 2015 on the blog or on Mixcloud.

1.     Marsen Jules – Naklin – The Empire of Silence

2.     Worriedaboutsatan – All Safe, All Well – Even Temper

3.     Dave DK – Naschi – Val Maira

4.     Kara-lis Coverdale – Splash 144 – Aftertouches

5.     Alessandro Cortini – La Via – Risveglio

6.     YOUAREHERE – Pulsar – Propaganda

7.     Moon Ate the Dark – Sleepy Vipers – Moon Ate the Dark II

8.     Steve Hauschildt – Vicinities – Where All is Fled

9.     Hotel Neon – Deprivation – Hotel Neon

10.  Dmitry Evgrafov – Embrace – Collage

11.  Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie – Last Tango in Dendermonde – Travels in Constants Vol 24

Announcement: Changes to the Monday Graveyard

I didn't expect to have to write this post, but I have to - it is my displeasure to announce that the Monday Graveyard will be leaving Pulse 98.4 and moving to an online-only presence this summer. There are several reasons for this, the main one being my relocation out of Glasgow and change of job - I am moving to Cumbria to start a new life.

What this means is that the MG as is, where it is broadcast on Mondays at 11pm on Pulse 98.4, will cease. The final broadcast will be this coming Monday, episode 83, on the 27th of July After that, the slot will be free and ready for someone else to take up the midnight-music mantle. 

However, this is not the end - the show will revert to an online only show on Mixcloud and the Podcast, remaining hourly and weekly, but starting after a short hiatus. The show won't restart back up in it's new online form until September. I am taking the summer off to go to Canada and due to a lack of internet during the moving procedure, the show will be offline for the necessary amount of time.

Before I finish this post I want to thank everyone at Pulse 98.4 for their support during the 83 shows and 87 weeks I broadcast there. Never in my life did I think that I'd end up broadcasting a radio show on FM and to have met and worked with so many great presenters and people in that short time is wonderful. Special mentions should be given here; Neil Wilson, Chris Nelms, Graham Anderson, Chris Jewel, Stuart Dickson and Andy Coyle suffered me at my worst, more nebulous phases, and are all the reason this show lasted so long. 

Other thanks should be to the artists, especially those who contacted me and let me berate them - Very Very Small Inclusions, Fragile X, Matthew Collings, Ben Chatwin, Hauschka, Phoenix York, How Hot Is Your Cloud? and everyone else I played - you're my friends and I hope you stick around.

And finally to youse who listen weekly/monthly/yearly. You're the reason I love doing this, and hopefully in the uncertain future of the show we will talk again. I am happy to have done what I did, and I am excited for the changes that will come, but if nothing happens in September then I want you to know that I am grateful for anyone who listened, even once. 

Onwards and upwards,

Mark x

Introducing the Monday Graveyard Mailer

I use Facebook, Twitter and this blog to get the word of the show out. I have an email address for you all to message me... but here's the thing. How am I to get in contact with you? It's hard enough passing the Facebook metrics to get the show into your feeds, and Twitter's going to go the same way... much to it's detriment. 

So, with that in mind I have created the Monday Graveyard Mailer. Simply, it's a mailing list for me to have to send you an email once a week to check in and let you know what's been going on with the Monday Graveyard this week. 

In the Mailer you'll find:

  • A link to stream the show's most recent episode
  • An old episode that links to the week's current episode from the archive
  • Updates, if there are any, about the show and upcoming episodes
  • Information about the artists that are played on the show
  • Information about the images that I am using for the covers
  • and other tidbits from the behind the scenes on the show

You can sign up here. We use MailChimp, so all your email address are safe with me. I am not going to sell them to anyone, I promise.

So, one email a week maximum detailing stuff about the show directly sent to your email inbox. What could be better? 

Please, let me know if this is a good idea. Much love

The Monday Graveyard

Monday Graveyard Bandcamp #2

Episode 77 was a special Bandcamp episode and I implored you to go and stream and buy some of the artist's that were on the show. Well, because I love Bandcamp so much, there was music that spilled over into a second episode easily (and, infact, 3/4s of a third episode, but we'll save that for another one-two in a few months, I think). This is that second episode.

The response to Part I was wonderful. I'd like to thank a whole host of people (who I actually said I'd thank on the show but it was cut out due to me over running on the recording). 

I'd like to thank all the artists who shared the show; the fact you did makes me quite happy. Check them out on Part I if you've not streamed it yet. Also, there were a few long-time listeners who shared the show far and wide - thanks team. And also thanks to Bandcloud. 

Now, stream this week's show here underneath via Mixcloud or on the Podcast page.

Monday Graveyard Bandcamp #1

love Bandcamp. I have done for years. It was a place where I first gorged on IDM and ambient back when in Texas alone in 2010. It has grown with me, and I drop in almost weekly to check out what's appeared. But trying to find something on there can be difficult, which is why Bandcloud is great - it's a weekly mailout summarising the best ambient and dark vibe stuff from Bandcamp (and Soundcloud). 

Check it out here.

This week's episode, number 77, was live as it was the first from the spanking new shiny studios. It was the first of a two-part Bandcamp show. Listen below via Mixcloud (and you can obviously get it on the Podcast too).

In the sense of the show's episode, this is the list of the artists played and the links to go and buy their stuff.

  1. eyesix - Whistling of the Douglas Firs (feat. Bearhead)
  2. Body in the Thames - 181213
  3. Everyday Dust and Above, Convenience Store! - Nevermore
  4. Owsey - The Horizon, Hidden in Our Movements
  5. Scyye - Please Remember
  6. Stuart Russel - Nautalis Skate
  7. christ. - Odyssey 31
  8. Loscil - Luna

Next week's show is another hour of ambient, drone, IDM, post rock... the usual menu, all from Bandcamp again. Listen 11pm to midnight on Pulse 98.4.

Download and Buy - Loscil's "for Greta"

This week (episode 75) I featured Loscil's "Angle of List" from his most recent studio album Sea Island, a 73 minute behemoth that was one of my favourite albums of last year. Early this year he released an EP that I missed titled "for Greta" and this week I delved into it's release, and found it very important to share with you. In the coming weeks I am putting together a two-part Bandcamp special episode and this release will be featured (a bit of a spoiler there). 

Loscil was one of my gateway artists into this world that I know inhabit, being one of the first recommendations handed to me when I discovered my love of the ambient genre and that's obvious when looking back at the show's playlists - he's featured seven times, the second most of any artist (Boards of Canada being the most, of course) across the entire run of the show, in episodes 1, 7, 12, 32, 47, 55 and 75.

The EP's release is in support of Loscil's collaborator and friend Tim and his family - his daughter Greta was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. This is a cause that is close to my heart in my own personal ways, but it's important to note that for a small (or large) donation you'll get a short three track EP of wonderfully emotive ambient by Loscil.

To follow updates and join Greta's Team on Facebook, click here.
To read more about the release from Resident Advisor, click here.
And, most importantly, donate and get the EP from Bandcamp.

The Monday Graveyard and the Pulse Shutdown (Updated)

A pretty awesome development is happening with regards to Pulse 98.4 and it has a few implications for the broadcast of the Monday Graveyard. Pulse 98.4, the community radio station that the Monday Graveyard is broadcast on, is moving to all-new studios around a mile away from the current studios in the Southside of Glasgow. The move is going to take place from the 15th of May 2015, and as you’d expect it’ll require the station to be “shutdown” to allow for the transfer to the new premises – the shut-down will not just close the station but mean that all shows are to be prerecorded. This won't impact the already podcasting MG, of course, but it does affect the show in a few ways.

This impacts the show in two ways – one, the show won’t be broadcast at 11pm on Monday night during this period, instead being shifted to a non-specific timeslot. There will still be shows, of course, but they won’t be going out at either the “Monday” or the “Graveyard” part of the name. This leads into change two – for that two week period the show will slip into its alternate (and, factoid fans, almost the official) “Mark Shields: Ambient Graveyard” name instead. If you’re an FM listener you’ll know all about this when it happens, of course, but for you lucky streamers and podcasters, you won’t notice a difference.

Each week during the shutdown there will be a new podcast appearing, at 6am on Tuesday, as per usual.  The show will be scheduled to appear in the rotating selection of pre-recorded shows that have been developed for the shutdown period, so I won't know when it will be on the actual radio, but if I do you can follow the show on Twitter for the most recent updates.

One final thing - there are going to be adverts. I know, I know - but it's important for the station.

So really you’re probably going to notice nothing different if you’re a catch-up listener. But the FM listeners will find a lovely treasure hunt to find the show. I’ll be updating on the broadcast dates when I know them (if I know them) on the Twitter page, so please tune into that and tune into the show.

Update: This post was originally posted on the 3rd of February, and was updated on the 11th of May with more information on the show's broadcast and the station's shutdown. 

The two shows, 74 and 75, have been sitting recorded in the bank for months now, and listening back even though I tried to make them date-agnostic, they'll certainly sound a bit of date when the albums I am talking about that were then due to be relapsed are now, in the future, actually released. Oops.

Additionally, there will be a non-MG style show broadcast that I recorded. I'll post the link to it later on (but, because I recorded way back in early February, some the "new" albums I am talking about are already released.

Monday Graveyard Presents Artists Series #1 to #4

Fragile X: Cult Zeroes

We started the run with the MG favourite Fragile X, the only artist to so far appear on the show as a guest (listen to that show here). The mix is wonderful. Listen to it below. Fragile X will be releasing a new album soon titled Moana, here is the most recent track from it.

Very Very Small Inclusions

Craig and Han delivered the first mix that widly swings from one end to the other, with a mash-up in there for good measure. You'll find their album Dispersions on Bandcamp here


Phoenix York: Music for Night and Day

Pheonix did something no other guest mix did, and actually host a show, with links and chat about the music he had chosen. The effect is a totally different kind of show, one that sounds like nothing else we've put out. Check his stuff here.


How Hot Is Your Cloud?

The most recent and last in the current series is from How Hot Is Your Cloud and is a brilliant mix. They've just released a new album, spring i, on Xylem so you should check it.

The Monday Graveyard Presents... Very Very Small Inclusions

You won't know this but Craig of Very Very Small Inclusions and I have known each other for a while. I would imagine that if you had told either of us that I'd be playing a continuous mix of his out on FM radio on my own radio show at any point in the past it would have been seen as madness on everyone's part (though mostly yours, you crazy person).

The Artists Series is meant to be an experiment in the form of radio; a mixture of new music and music not normally played on the show curated by an artist that I like or is close to the show's heart. Fragile X was a natural starting point, and the future artists are all doing their own spin on the idea - the continuous mix is something I enjoy but struggle to create (and I have no idea how folk do it week in week out mind you). This mix is absolutely wonderful; even featuring a unique remix/mash-up.

VVSI is a duo from Glasgow. That's all I will say. Their album Dispersions was released back in December 2014 and is a wonderful release: I've played a few tracks from it on the show here and there. There is even one in this guest mix. If implore you to support their work by going and buying the album from their Bandcamp page and then telling your friends to do the same. We are all people who do this for fun as a hobby and we appreciate any level of support, be it monetary or vocal. I am the lucky bastard who has managed to get these folk to do my job for me, for free. 

You can listen to the show here on Mixcloud or if you subscribe to the podcast you'll get all future Artist Series episodes delivered to your RSS feeder automatically.

And once again, thanks for listening.

Announcing... The Artists Series

It's 2015 and the show has been running since 2013. At the time of writing this post I am currently working on Episode 59 and Episode 60 of the show. I have been wanting to do new things with the show for a few months but circumstances haven't quite allowed me to start working on a lot of my ideas, but now that the new year is here it's time to announce the first new feature that is coming up.

In February 2015 the first of the Monday Graveyard presents... Artist Series will air - this is totally different to anything done on the show before. I will be inviting selected artists to create guest-mixes for the show that will be broadcast. They will chose music without any input from me bar the time constraints.

There are several artists confirmed and others that have been approached to take part. This first, however, will be Monday Graveyard favourite Fragile X with an exclusive edition of his Cult Zer0es series.

Official airdate will be confirmed shortly.

Monday Graveyard: One Year

It is incredible to think that the show has now been running for a year. And what a year. The first episode debuted on the 2nd December 2013 with the glitchey and echoey sounds of Christ.'s Spengly Bengly and a tentative voice over from myself, starting as I meant to continue with "This... is the Monday Graveyard on Pulse 98.4". You can listen to the first episode of the show (which is a pilot episode of sorts, that pulls from all angles of the musical world that I was aiming for) right here - it's still the most listened to episode I've aired, with just under 200 listeners (that's ten times the normal number of listeners).

That means that not only is it the most listened to episode, but it might mean that everyone listened to episode one... and gave up. 


To celebrate the anniversary, I am running a competition of sorts. On the 29th of December and 5th of January the two-part Monday Graveyear 2014 will be airing, showcasing some of my favourite tracks from the year in a two-part 2014-2015 straddling super-show (that I've already started recording, natch). The show will feature around two hours of drone, electronica, ambient and IDM from 2014 and I am giving one listener the chance to win the actual CDs that were used to record the episodes.

You will win
- two CDRs: each disc featuring a sixty minute run of the tracks used in each show, the best of 2014 in my humble opinion
- the CDRs will come with unique artwork hand crafted by the Monday Graveyard Team (me)
- you will also receive a hand written note saying "Thanks" from me (along with some other words)
- a shout-out on the show and this blog
- an invitation to join the show in the studio (if in the area and at your own expense)

That is a pretty neat prize. It's like a two-disc 2014 mixtape swap, only that I chose the winner and you don't have to send me anything in return (though... that might be nice). And the chance to appear on the show (if you want).

To enter the competition all you have to do is fill out the form below:

COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Winner will be announced on Friday 12 December. Thanks to everyone for entering!

The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries by my wife. The competition is open from 11.30pm on Monday the 1st December until Tuesday, 9th December 2014 at 7pm GMT, and the winner will be announced on Friday the 12th December 2014 via email and the show's Twitter page. Make sure you enter a valid email address!

Terms and Conditions and Stuff

Your email address will not be used for anything other than the competition entry and contact in the case of you winning. No spam, no thing. You're not signing up to a mailing list. All this is is sending me an email to my inbox saying you're entering my competition. I promise.

A few other little terms and conditions - you can only enter once per email address, but multiple times via multiple email addresses (but they must be legit email addresses). Also, you can enter from anywhere in the world as long as you can get a CD-sized package delivered (if you're on the ISS you're out of luck).

Additionally - by entering you agree to abide by the final draw and decision made, and that by entering you also to agree to not share the music or CDRs with anyone other that youself if you win. The prize has no monetary value of course; just priceless sentimental value.