Monday Graveyard: End of Day Track Volume 1 Spotify Compilation

At the end of each show, if you’re a keen listener, I play something called the “End of Day Track”, a track I see as a perfect way to take you over the threshold of Monday into Tuesday. The track is meant to be a mixture of chilled out, ambient, and uplifting, a way to sonically embrace the fact that the rest of the week is starting, that time is young, and to signify the privileged position in the schedule I have to end the days programming.

So, now that ten shows have been broadcast it is time to create the first Monday Graveyard: End of Day Track compilation Spotify playlist. Here-in you’ll find eleven tracks (because, if you remember, I played the wrong EODT in Show 9 and then replayed in at the start of Show 10) that will chill you out the most of all the songs I have played. Play the playlist below, or click here to open in Spotify.

I hope you enjoy the show, and listen 11pm to midnight on Mondays on Pulse 98.4 Community Radio, or listen again on the Mixcloud. The original artwork for the playlist is above.