Hills West - Download the Discography

As mentioned on Episode 45 I found and fell in love with electronica/IDM artist Hills West through a post on the Twoism forum. Since then I've pain stakingly searched online for the susbequent releases using the normally quite accurate Discogs as a guide. So, seeing as most if not all is online to download legitimately for free, I have collected the releases and the download links as I could find them.

I would say that all of the releases are worth your attention.

Note: There are a lot of releases missing from this list. If you have them, have links to them, or if you even are Hills West, please get in touch. I am a big fan. These are onlythe releases that I have been able to find and listen to - for a full list, if you fancy searching for them, click here.

Indvidualism (2005)

Released originally in 2005, and recorded between 2003 and 2004 as far as I can tell, it appears to have been rehomed on Retronym, which means that it was quite easy to find. This is the first release I can find - the previously release Image History appears to be impossible to Google. The album was originally released on the map77 label, which appears to be Hills West's own label. 

Click here to download the album.

Hills West / Astro Cab Split EP (2006)

This one was one I stumbled across by accident, to tell you the truth when searching for the Glare EP. Discovered under the artist name search on the Internet Archive, it's a netlabel release which is why it's on there for free download. The split is great. 

Click here to download the EP.

Glare EP (2007)

This EP is brilliant again. One of the three "main" releases from Hills West that I have found, it was released on the Archaic Horizon netlabel in 2007 and leaks a little more informaton about Hills West, and the origin of the music. But, the mystery is what excites me the most. 

Click here to download the EP.

Step Into the Outside (2008)

If you listened to episode 45 you'll have heard a track from this album already - Wishing Seeds from the record is one of my favourite tracks on there. This album is what blew my mind and got me really paying attention to what Hills West had previously released. I honestly found the album a brilliant IDM record, which is filled with a depth of warmth like you might struggle to find on other analogue and digital IDM tracks. The mixture of live drumming and processed tracks makes this a seriously incredible album, and far above any other Boards of Canada influenced stuff I've heard before.

It's pretty cool - there is more than one artwork file in the RAR. 

Click here to download the album. (RAR Download)

The "One on Twoism" Series 

In addition to the work for the releases listed on Discogs and the above, as I mentioned on the episode, Hills West is also a contributor to the One on Twoism series of releases. Essentially, One on Twoism is where members of Boards of Canada fan (though not necessarily) forum Twoism come together to create an impressive sound-collage of electronica and downtempo. There have been five volumes, all impressive, and a sixth is currently in the development stage. If you haven't listened to them, you should.

Hills West contributed tracks to One on Twoism and One on Twoism Volume 2, and you can download them from the links below. I'll be featuring the series in a show that is coming up, so this won't be the last you'll hear from me. 

One on Twoism (Volume 1)
One on Twoism Volume 2 
One on Twoism Volume 3
One on Twoism Volume 4
One on Twoism Volume 5