The Show Going Forward

You might have noticed last night if you're a live-listener (oh hi! *waves*) that there wasn't a new episode aired last night. Actually, to be honest I don't know what was aired in place of the show; if it was a prerecorded episode from the past, or it was a different show. Don't worry - the show's still alive. I just need to set a few things straight.

The first thing is that I always planned on doing live episodes following the end of the Paternity run. It was always going to be hard, and I mentioned it in the past that if it wasn't working something would have to be sorted out. The second thing is that I absolutely love doing live shows. In fact, I love it so much this hasn't been an easy decision, but a nessecary one.

The bottom line is that I am going to take a step back from doing live shows. Instead, I'll be recording a weekly podcast style episode that will be airing at 11pm on Mondays instead. This is because I just can't balance being up until 1am every Monday when every other day of the week I am getting up for work at 5am and going to bed at 9.30pm. 

How long will I do this? Well, probably until the end of January at the very earliest. This is because over Christmas and new year I'll be going home to Canada for three weeks, in there will be a run of prerecords there, and then a few weeks after that to grab the jetlag back before I even attempt a live show again.

The downside is that there has been a big drop off in engagement on the show since the paternity run, especially on a live basis and also listeners to the show after the fact. The Mixcloud numbers, which were around 40 to 60 listeners per show are now down to 10 to 20 which is shame, but understandable. I want to focus on the show as an outlet for music showcasing, with this blog as an outlet for more content and a bigger push for the show's brand to an extent, and by making sure I have a show broadcast and ready to go prior to the Monday night gives me more flexibility to do this.

I've managed 48 weeks of continuous shows with only two (including this one) missed shows, so I think that's a pretty impressive run, and by moving to prerecorded shows I can make sure that there is a show ready to play out no matter what happens on Monday.

So yeah, I hope you stick around listening either live or on the catch up. I love sharing the music I play with you all, even if there is only a select few of you. 

There is one massive upside to doing them prerecorded actually, and it's an idea worth ending this post with - I am suddenly able to have live guests and even live music sessions on the show. That's an avenue I'll be exploring in the new year.

Thanks as always for listening.