Podcast Terms, Conditions and Caveats

Thanks for downloading the Monday Graveyard with Mark Shields as a Podcast. It means a lot to me that you are listening and hopefully enjoying the show. To enable the show to have the podcast feature there are a few terms that you agree to if you download the show. Don't worry, they're not too stringent. Jus play nice, okay?  

As a Listener
The first is that you agree to not share the podcast native file outside of the feed. This is important as you'll find out. Please, if you want to share the show share the link to the official feed and not the file you're downloading or streaming. 

The podcast is covered by the same creative commons that this blog and site is covered by - you can share as long as you link back to the original source file, you don't modify it, and you do not use it for commercial purposes.

Please support the artists that I feature, if you like their stuff. I try and buy as much as I can, but the show costs me already each month more than you might think. If you buy one thing per week you stream (even a single track, say 99p) that is going to help them make the music we enjoy.

That is all I ask.  

As a Featured Artist
If you're an artist who finds their music on the podcast that means I am a fan, but I am also a creator, and a proponent of copyright. It isn't a perfect system but it's the only one we have to protect your art. If you want me to remove your music from my show's download, stream, or not play it on the radio, I will gladly do so as soon as I can, and will update the mp3 source file for the download.

I am just a fan sharing your music and I am not here to gain anything from the show beyond maybe some new fans for your music. Please let me know.  

Please contact the show if you have any questions or comments about these terms or are an artist looking to get in touch.  


The Monday Graveyard Podcast