About the Paternity Pre-records

As you will know from the shows, my wife is pregnant and as such I will be taking leave from the show towards the end of July for a few months. Too tide this over I made a few decisions – the first was to not come into the studio at 10.30pm on Monday nights for a while because of the new baby. Secondly, that I wouldn’t stop the show, but in light of probably not getting someone in to cover for the Monday Graveyard (I like the idea of the Graveyard being a brand rather than me – it’s not the Mark Shields Show, for example, other DJs should be able to come in and present the show) I have elected to prepare ahead of time (something I don’t normally do) and have a bank of pre-recorded shows ready to be played out, in an order, which will act as the “live” versions of the shows.

So on Sunday mornings, 8am to 11am, I am recording two shows a week for the next four weeks, and have already recorded a bank of four shows. At the end I plan to have ten to twelve episodes to enable me to be out of the “office” for up to three months, which will, by my calculation, be enough to maybe get to grips with the whole being a dad thing.

However, there is a possibility that the live shows will remain unworkable, and as such pre-recorded might become the permanent solution. That will have to dealt with and considered when the time comes. However, believe you me – I prefer to do the live shows 100% over the pre-records, so I will endeavour to get back to live shows as soon as I can.

At a guess, I plan on stopping the live shows as late as possible, but will probably have the last live show on Monday the 7th July 2014, which is planned to be a Boards of Canada special episode (might as well bow out with a big show, eh?). After that, twelve pre-records takes the show until mid October, with the first live show back being the 13th October 2014.

So, to summarise:

  • I am taking a leave from doing live shows in a few weeks
  • The last live show will be the 7th July 2014 (unless someone decides to come early)
  • There will be somewhere between 10 and fourteen pre-recorded shows
  • The first live show back will be the 13th October 2014 (unless I can’t work it into my new role)


Host of the Monday Graveyard