Near the Top

Mixcloud, where the listen again episodes are hosted, added a new feature a few months back that created charts based on the tags that I add to the show. This means that there is a chart online of where the show, based on listens and likes, in the seven days since it was uploaded.

It is fun seeing the show rise in some of the charts, but the best thing is seeing it appear higher and higher as then peaking before dropping out.

Last week's episode, episode 29, has managed the incredible feat of making it to 37th in the Ambient chart, 12th in the Chill Out chart, and number two in the World in the Experimental Ambient chart.

Number two in the world. 

I am understandably chuffed with that, so thanks to all and everyone who listened. Last night's show, episode 30, will be uploaded later on this week, mostly likely tomorrow (I am busy tonight, it being Canada Day and all).