Episode 30 Companion

Listen to Episode 30 Here.

A few years ago I used to do my own home-grown podcasts known as the Wednesday Graveyard. I did this as an outlet for my love of music and also as a way to have my own radio show. In fact, recently using Timehop I found a tweet from five years ago where I ask someone to give me my own radio show, which I know have. Neat, huh?

Anyway, I did this mostly for my friends and such, and this meant that it was a pretty closed and small feedback loop, but still it was nice to get some comments. A friend, Laura, challenged me (or asked me if I had considered it, which I had) to do a show featuring female only artists, and I did. You can listen to that below, and I still think it's a really good episode despite the meandering of my chat and voice during the episode.

Fast forward a few years and I now have a show on FM radio, and I had considered a female artist show before but when Fragile X was on the show he asked if I had done one, and I said no, but that I had been planning one.


You see, here's the thing - I don't really think about the sex or gender of the artists that I play out. Some times when going through a playlist I will notice that there are a lot of men on the list, and I can imagine that the metrics on the number of female artists I listen to and have played out won't make nice reading. I do, however, realise that there are loads of fabulous artists out there and the gender doesn't make any difference to me in that I am neither bias against or for them but that, as a man on radio, I am actually part of the problem.

I ask myself, almost every week, why don't I play more female artists when some of my favourite albums of the past few years have been female artists? Is it because I'm inherently sexist no matter how hard I try? Is it because I am blithley naive, as a man, and don't even notice it? Or is it that there just isn't the number of female artists compared to male artists, either making music or with exposure? If that's the case, why the fuck is that the case?

I can't tell if it's a good thing that I have done a female spotlight show, or a bad thing that I even have to do one. 

Well, I don't know. I don't know why that's the case. But this episode, number 30, is one of my favourites I've ever done. As you may note, in my voice there is a tone of almost religious reverence, and that's because the music genuinely blows me away.

Find some links below to the episode's featured artists and support them and the show, and always thanks for listening. I am trying to make the world a more equal and better place, but sometimes, as a man, I fear that I can't do it alone. Oh, and I'm about to be the father of a daughter, so I am terrified of not doing the right thing. Let me know if I have.