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Sometimes, doing a Scottish based show can be quite daunting. I find that doing these shows that are localised draws upon a little bit of the difficulty of modern music listening, because without borders I can just plug into musi from pretty much anywhere in the world immediately. The electronic music genres are really easy to suffer from this issue, buecase they (in most cases) don’t do endless gigging to build up a fanbase, unlike indie or rock based artists. As most of the music I listen and pla to laptop artists or artsits that process their work a lot, live sessions rarely are seen. I’ve seen a few amazing counter-cases to this, of course, but that community isn’t as strong with certain areas.


It is therefore sometimes hard to pull out some artists you like from an area. For this show, however, I kinda loosened my original goal of “new” music from Scotland, unlike the previous show, and I just popped on a load of stuff I like. That’s why there’s loads of Boards on the show (more than I said on air) and a few other older tracks that I have kicking around the playlists.

Anyway, this week was fun and also features some new artists too – LAW, for example, Cloud, or even Infant Telethon. All worth while checking out.

I’ll see you at the prerecord next week.

PS. That is my dog, Uncle Frank.