The Monday Graveyear 2015 - Volume I

This year, 2015, has been a bumper year for the ambient, electronic, avant garde and neo-classical genres. More and more releases from more and more labels that are more and more interesting than ever before. What a time to be a purveyor of music of this type. Unlike last year, most of the artsts played in the 12 months leading to these shows have been played once or more on the show, but some haven’t made their appearance. That’s partly due to me constantly having to shift what I am listening to (when you realise your listening time is a finite resource you really ration it) and also partly for a year where the future of the show was in doubt.


However, I think we’ve weathered the hard times and are coming out in 2016 stronger than we are ending 2015 – that’s my opinion, but the computer game shows, the Artists Series, the live guest of Craig from VVSI and the eventual end of the show on FM have all been events that shaped the show in someway or another. The plans for 2016 are really more of the same, honing the podcast form a bit, and getting the scheduling a bit more concrete (notice that I’ve been back on the scheduling horse these past few weeks).

The Monday Graveyear, my round up of 2015 releases, serves two purposes – catch-all “best of” list for all albums I’ve loved in the year, and a catch-up of all the suggestions, recommendations and albums I’ve seen and been told about that didn’t quite make it onto the show. I do not discriminate – these 30 odd tracks are what I believe to be the best. This isn’t a thing of quality over quantity or the other way round, as in these three hour-long episodes you’ll find some of the best music 2015 has offered up. If you don’t find something in there you really love then I’m sorry.

Listen to the first volume of the Monday Graveyear 2015 on the blog or on Mixcloud.

1.     Marsen Jules – Naklin – The Empire of Silence

2.     Worriedaboutsatan – All Safe, All Well – Even Temper

3.     Dave DK – Naschi – Val Maira

4.     Kara-lis Coverdale – Splash 144 – Aftertouches

5.     Alessandro Cortini – La Via – Risveglio

6.     YOUAREHERE – Pulsar – Propaganda

7.     Moon Ate the Dark – Sleepy Vipers – Moon Ate the Dark II

8.     Steve Hauschildt – Vicinities – Where All is Fled

9.     Hotel Neon – Deprivation – Hotel Neon

10.  Dmitry Evgrafov – Embrace – Collage

11.  Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie – Last Tango in Dendermonde – Travels in Constants Vol 24