The Monday Graveyear 2015 - Volume II

As I said, this year I’ve splurged with three hours of 2015 music, split into three separate podcasts/shows. The first was a great selection of drone and ambient, but this, the second volume, collects all the best electronica, IDM, and what I’d call “beat-based” electronic music from 2015 that I’ve played and enjoyed in the past twelve months. I split the three shows into two categories – the more ambient side and the less ambient side, and there was far more of the ambient stuff which is why it worked out as three volumes, split this way.

I have admittedly dropped the ball a little on the electronica side of the equation for the show this year, and it wasn’t intentional, but I did focus on more unearthing of ambient stuff in the past for various reasons. I envisage a 2015 What I Missed playlist really coming into focus in the new year for sure, but here’s the third volume of the Graveyear. If you found Vol 1 too ambient this might change your mind.

Listen here.

  1. C. Duncan – Say – Architect
  2. Helios – The Root – Yume
  3. Appeslcal – Moabit – For
  4. Mark McGuire – Beyond – Beyond Belief
  5. Lockah – South Bronx Parasite
  6. Anoice – Memories of You – Into the Shadows
  7. Aphex Twin – disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo] – Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments (vol 2) EP
  8. Walls – Moon Eye – Urals
  9. Fort Romeau – All I Want – Insides
  10. Battles – Tyne Wear – La Di Da Di
  11. Floating Points – Peroration Six – Elaenia
  12. Pye Corner Audio – Prowler
  13. Errors – Genuflection