The Monday Graveyear 2015 - Volume III

And this is the third and last but certainly not least of all the Monday Graveyear episodes this year. 2015 was a belter. Once again, the first part of 2016 will be filling my boots with what I missed from then. In the mean time, thanks to everyone who listens.

Listen to volume 3 on Mixcloud here.

  1. Ian William Craig – Empty Circle, Tremble – Cradle for the Wanting
  2. Jim Perkins – Constance – Constance
  3. Julia Kent – Invitation to the Voyage – Aserities
  4. Slow Meadow – Linen Garden, Pat 1 (feat Hammock) – Slow Meadow
  5. Sean McCann – Language of Night – Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings
  6. Leandro Fresco – Le Edad De Oro – El Reino Invisible
  7. Jeremy Young and Aaron Martin – A Pulse Passes From Hand to Hand III – A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand
  8. Chrome Sparks – Send the Pain On – Sparks EP
  9. Ben Chatwin – 203 Years – The Sleeper Wakes