The Monday Graveyard and the Pulse Shutdown (Updated)

A pretty awesome development is happening with regards to Pulse 98.4 and it has a few implications for the broadcast of the Monday Graveyard. Pulse 98.4, the community radio station that the Monday Graveyard is broadcast on, is moving to all-new studios around a mile away from the current studios in the Southside of Glasgow. The move is going to take place from the 15th of May 2015, and as you’d expect it’ll require the station to be “shutdown” to allow for the transfer to the new premises – the shut-down will not just close the station but mean that all shows are to be prerecorded. This won't impact the already podcasting MG, of course, but it does affect the show in a few ways.

This impacts the show in two ways – one, the show won’t be broadcast at 11pm on Monday night during this period, instead being shifted to a non-specific timeslot. There will still be shows, of course, but they won’t be going out at either the “Monday” or the “Graveyard” part of the name. This leads into change two – for that two week period the show will slip into its alternate (and, factoid fans, almost the official) “Mark Shields: Ambient Graveyard” name instead. If you’re an FM listener you’ll know all about this when it happens, of course, but for you lucky streamers and podcasters, you won’t notice a difference.

Each week during the shutdown there will be a new podcast appearing, at 6am on Tuesday, as per usual.  The show will be scheduled to appear in the rotating selection of pre-recorded shows that have been developed for the shutdown period, so I won't know when it will be on the actual radio, but if I do you can follow the show on Twitter for the most recent updates.

One final thing - there are going to be adverts. I know, I know - but it's important for the station.

So really you’re probably going to notice nothing different if you’re a catch-up listener. But the FM listeners will find a lovely treasure hunt to find the show. I’ll be updating on the broadcast dates when I know them (if I know them) on the Twitter page, so please tune into that and tune into the show.

Update: This post was originally posted on the 3rd of February, and was updated on the 11th of May with more information on the show's broadcast and the station's shutdown. 

The two shows, 74 and 75, have been sitting recorded in the bank for months now, and listening back even though I tried to make them date-agnostic, they'll certainly sound a bit of date when the albums I am talking about that were then due to be relapsed are now, in the future, actually released. Oops.

Additionally, there will be a non-MG style show broadcast that I recorded. I'll post the link to it later on (but, because I recorded way back in early February, some the "new" albums I am talking about are already released.