The Monday Graveyard Presents... Very Very Small Inclusions

You won't know this but Craig of Very Very Small Inclusions and I have known each other for a while. I would imagine that if you had told either of us that I'd be playing a continuous mix of his out on FM radio on my own radio show at any point in the past it would have been seen as madness on everyone's part (though mostly yours, you crazy person).

The Artists Series is meant to be an experiment in the form of radio; a mixture of new music and music not normally played on the show curated by an artist that I like or is close to the show's heart. Fragile X was a natural starting point, and the future artists are all doing their own spin on the idea - the continuous mix is something I enjoy but struggle to create (and I have no idea how folk do it week in week out mind you). This mix is absolutely wonderful; even featuring a unique remix/mash-up.

VVSI is a duo from Glasgow. That's all I will say. Their album Dispersions was released back in December 2014 and is a wonderful release: I've played a few tracks from it on the show here and there. There is even one in this guest mix. If implore you to support their work by going and buying the album from their Bandcamp page and then telling your friends to do the same. We are all people who do this for fun as a hobby and we appreciate any level of support, be it monetary or vocal. I am the lucky bastard who has managed to get these folk to do my job for me, for free. 

You can listen to the show here on Mixcloud or if you subscribe to the podcast you'll get all future Artist Series episodes delivered to your RSS feeder automatically.

And once again, thanks for listening.