Monday Graveyard Presents Artists Series #1 to #4

Fragile X: Cult Zeroes

We started the run with the MG favourite Fragile X, the only artist to so far appear on the show as a guest (listen to that show here). The mix is wonderful. Listen to it below. Fragile X will be releasing a new album soon titled Moana, here is the most recent track from it.

Very Very Small Inclusions

Craig and Han delivered the first mix that widly swings from one end to the other, with a mash-up in there for good measure. You'll find their album Dispersions on Bandcamp here


Phoenix York: Music for Night and Day

Pheonix did something no other guest mix did, and actually host a show, with links and chat about the music he had chosen. The effect is a totally different kind of show, one that sounds like nothing else we've put out. Check his stuff here.


How Hot Is Your Cloud?

The most recent and last in the current series is from How Hot Is Your Cloud and is a brilliant mix. They've just released a new album, spring i, on Xylem so you should check it.