Monday Graveyard Bandcamp #2

Episode 77 was a special Bandcamp episode and I implored you to go and stream and buy some of the artist's that were on the show. Well, because I love Bandcamp so much, there was music that spilled over into a second episode easily (and, infact, 3/4s of a third episode, but we'll save that for another one-two in a few months, I think). This is that second episode.

The response to Part I was wonderful. I'd like to thank a whole host of people (who I actually said I'd thank on the show but it was cut out due to me over running on the recording). 

I'd like to thank all the artists who shared the show; the fact you did makes me quite happy. Check them out on Part I if you've not streamed it yet. Also, there were a few long-time listeners who shared the show far and wide - thanks team. And also thanks to Bandcloud. 

Now, stream this week's show here underneath via Mixcloud or on the Podcast page.