Monday Graveyard Bandcamp #1

love Bandcamp. I have done for years. It was a place where I first gorged on IDM and ambient back when in Texas alone in 2010. It has grown with me, and I drop in almost weekly to check out what's appeared. But trying to find something on there can be difficult, which is why Bandcloud is great - it's a weekly mailout summarising the best ambient and dark vibe stuff from Bandcamp (and Soundcloud). 

Check it out here.

This week's episode, number 77, was live as it was the first from the spanking new shiny studios. It was the first of a two-part Bandcamp show. Listen below via Mixcloud (and you can obviously get it on the Podcast too).

In the sense of the show's episode, this is the list of the artists played and the links to go and buy their stuff.

  1. eyesix - Whistling of the Douglas Firs (feat. Bearhead)
  2. Body in the Thames - 181213
  3. Everyday Dust and Above, Convenience Store! - Nevermore
  4. Owsey - The Horizon, Hidden in Our Movements
  5. Scyye - Please Remember
  6. Stuart Russel - Nautalis Skate
  7. christ. - Odyssey 31
  8. Loscil - Luna

Next week's show is another hour of ambient, drone, IDM, post rock... the usual menu, all from Bandcamp again. Listen 11pm to midnight on Pulse 98.4.