Announcement: Changes to the Monday Graveyard

I didn't expect to have to write this post, but I have to - it is my displeasure to announce that the Monday Graveyard will be leaving Pulse 98.4 and moving to an online-only presence this summer. There are several reasons for this, the main one being my relocation out of Glasgow and change of job - I am moving to Cumbria to start a new life.

What this means is that the MG as is, where it is broadcast on Mondays at 11pm on Pulse 98.4, will cease. The final broadcast will be this coming Monday, episode 83, on the 27th of July After that, the slot will be free and ready for someone else to take up the midnight-music mantle. 

However, this is not the end - the show will revert to an online only show on Mixcloud and the Podcast, remaining hourly and weekly, but starting after a short hiatus. The show won't restart back up in it's new online form until September. I am taking the summer off to go to Canada and due to a lack of internet during the moving procedure, the show will be offline for the necessary amount of time.

Before I finish this post I want to thank everyone at Pulse 98.4 for their support during the 83 shows and 87 weeks I broadcast there. Never in my life did I think that I'd end up broadcasting a radio show on FM and to have met and worked with so many great presenters and people in that short time is wonderful. Special mentions should be given here; Neil Wilson, Chris Nelms, Graham Anderson, Chris Jewel, Stuart Dickson and Andy Coyle suffered me at my worst, more nebulous phases, and are all the reason this show lasted so long. 

Other thanks should be to the artists, especially those who contacted me and let me berate them - Very Very Small Inclusions, Fragile X, Matthew Collings, Ben Chatwin, Hauschka, Phoenix York, How Hot Is Your Cloud? and everyone else I played - you're my friends and I hope you stick around.

And finally to youse who listen weekly/monthly/yearly. You're the reason I love doing this, and hopefully in the uncertain future of the show we will talk again. I am happy to have done what I did, and I am excited for the changes that will come, but if nothing happens in September then I want you to know that I am grateful for anyone who listened, even once. 

Onwards and upwards,

Mark x