Show Notes Episode 117 (24/10/2016)

As this is now the 39th week of my wife’s pregnancy, it is very likely that this will be last show before I become a dad for the second time, which is exciting and daunting. As mentioned in the last show notes it is better to get an episode of new music out to you rather than site for months on a backlog of shows, and doing non-vocal shows (or mixes) just makes a lot of sense, and it seems like some people might actually prefer them. Maybe my voice, whilst good and fine, might break up the flow of some of the shows. Who knows? I am not willing to ask the question outright, just in case I don’t like the answer

Either way, Episode 117 is, in my view, another really strong episode. I feel like from Episode 114 to 117 is a strong run of four episodes, and if you’re new to the show it’s probably a really good introduction. Additionally, those four shows have become some of my most listened to recent episodes, to which I can only thank those of you who share the shows around the internet.

I’m changing the format for this week to how this fits in – instead of writing out what would be the script for the show like Ep116, I’m going to try out a list like a track list with a bit of information and thoughts about each of the tracks, along with their timestamp so you can know exactly what you’re listening to. I’ll them see which one feels best and then take that forward to the future non-vocal shows.

Speaking of which, I don’t know how long that will be for to be honest. It depends on the birth, and how things go afterwards. I am sure I can spend time getting playlists together (already got 118 and 119 sorted) so that shouldn’t be too hard, and then there’s the three episodes due at the end of the year, the Monday Graveyear 2016, which will once again be three volumes.

The Invisible – Life’s Dancers (Floating Points Remix) (00.00)

The Invisible really surprised me with their 2012 album Rispah, and it has featured on the show once before. Their new album would have passed me by this year if I hadn’t been told it was one of the best of the year – it’s very good, and this is a Floating Points remix of one of the better tracks, and it’s certainly a good remix, but I need to spend more time with the album to really engage with it.

El Ten Eleven – Fanshawe (09.23)

This is a deceptively easy listen, and has been bumped from a few shows in the past, but this post-rock track is a good track and whilst it feels melodic there is a slight unease at its cheeriness that I feel permeates through the track and the album from which it is taken.

Pye Corner Audio – Autonomization (12.41)

If any one artist matched their artwork, Pye Corner Audio is it – their Ghostbox releases all have a twinge of Sinclair ZX80 style to them, and the music always matches that aesthetic. This is taken from their new album Stasis, which follows last years belter Prowler.

Blanck Mass – D7-D5 (19.19)

This is another brilliant track from the artist that also released the pretty dark Dumb Flesh record last year and this year’s Great Confuso EP, both of which will earn places on many best-of lists. This is taken from the Album Swim Singles Club 2016 which also dropped just this week the first track from the new Run the Jewels record, RTJ3, which has me excited. I love F Buttons and Blanck Mass, and almost everything that they collectively or solo-y release is pretty awesome.

Still Corners – Down with Heaven and Hell (27.07)

This is a change of pace for the show, which should flow well into the following two tracks. This is also a bit of a change for what the show normally choses, as spacey pop music isn’t normally what fits on the show, but I have had a soft spot for Still Corners for quite some time, and have played them at least once before on the show before. I loved their album Strange Pleasures and this is a single from the new album Dead Blue, which came out in September. This feels like a cross between Beach House and Braids, which are two of my favourite dreamy female-lead artists at the moment. I really should play more Braids.

C. Duncan – On Course (30.10)

I adored C. Duncan’s debut album Architect. Like, properly loved everything about it. This is a different album, but equally as sultry, featuring vacuumed vocals, more mid-tempo tracks, and a thread of nostalgia almost Vaporwave style synths, it harks back to a dreamy VHS laden tape that I can’t quite remember. From the new album The Midnight Sun, released on Fat Cat a year after Architect, it sounds more expansive and more emotional, but really fits on this show and fits into my life right now. It’ll end up in top ten of the year in December for sure.

Efterklang feat Karsten Funal – The Colour of Not Love (33.47)

Efterklang released their last material in 2012, and Pyrimidia never really grabbed me the way that Magic Chairs and Under Giant Trees did. This, is something quite different. It’s taken from their new Opera (yes, that’s right, Opera) titled Leaves – The Colour of Falling that is released on the 4thNovember, and it’s utterly bewitching to my ears, with a calm mixture of arpegiatted synths and vocals, with a drama only found in Operatic work, and bodes well for a sharp left turn into something quite valiantly different. I’m safe to say it excited about this album.

The Album Leaf – Back to the Start (37.31)

A new album from The Album Leaf in 2016 is not something I was expecting. I have listened a lot to their earlier albums, especially the pretty successful Into the Blue Again, and this is one of the few post-rocky albums to have me return to it this year. Between Waves has some really dreamy vocal tracks too, which is a nice change on the record, but this mathy rocky track is a joy.

Marielle V Jackonsons – The Beginning is the End (42.14)

I couldn’t have gone through a whole show without some deeply moody neo-classical drone, and this is of the highest quality. This is taken from her second album Star Core and my goodness it’s a good autumnal listen. Bending and twisting in rhythmic ways that are simple gorgeous and stark, it feels like a record that might change entirely with the seasons, and that might be the best things that can be said about it.

Boards of Canada – New Seeds (47.55)

After a few years, this, along with Nothing Is Real and Sick Times, is the stand out track from Tomorrow’s Harvest. It is now over three years since they released it, which means that maybe they have a new album or EP due. I mean, of course they do. It was only a seven year wait the last time, so that means that as of December we could be halfway through it. Either way, I still find new things to listen to on the album, and it is slowly usurping Trans Canada Highway in third spot. But who am I kidding – they’re all equal, like children, to me.