The Monday Graveyard at 100 - The Best Episodes


The Monday Graveyard has hit episode 100. Listen to the show here. This is part of a series of posts about the show in celebration of the 100 episode milestone.

There have been 100 episodes and Fragile X picked out some of his favourites over here on his wonderful blog post about the show. I decided it might be interesting for me to detail what I consider the “best” episodes, so here they are.

Episode 1 (02/12/2013)


That’s right – what better place to start that to listen to what is still the most listened to episode of the show – episode 1 is the starting point, and it features all the hallmarks of someone not really nowing what the show will become, but also the excitement I had. When it first aired, Connie and I drove across the city to the southside and sat in the car, drinking hot chocolate and coffee, as the show played out over FM radio for the first time. This fulfilled a life long dream, to have an FM radio show – a real radio show. I think back to do doing those live shows with fondness, but it was tiring work. Staying up to 1am every Monday night was fine when I was not a dad (we had found out we were pregnant shortly before I was given the slot).

Episode 11 (10/02/2014)

This is the first Monday Graveyard “Backyard” show that focuses entirely on Scottish music. I enjoyed doing this show a lot. It was the attempt to fulfil part of the brief of the show, to find new talent in Scotland. I later would remove this restriction, spreading the work across all the shows in the run.

Epsiode 16 (24/02/2014)

This was one of my most “experimental” shows, and I called it the “LAPD Episode”. I would later return to the idea with the “NYPD Episode”, but the first one feels like it was better and held together better. But the implementation of the Police Scanner was an intriguing idea, and I think it worked really well.

Episode 22 (05/05/2014)


The first time I opened the doors of the studio up to a guest and it was one of the godfather’s of the show – Echolalia Radio’s Chris Nelms came on and dished out some wonderful music and chat, as well as a wee bit of the Echolalia charm.

Episode 25 (25/05/2014)

Second live studio guest – Fragile X came in and we chatted about music and his inspiration, also taking exclusive tracks off his new album Haptics.

Episode 77 and 78 – The Bandcamp Specials

I put a lot of effort into making sure that these two shows made it out live on Pulse giving them the biggest audience, and they are powerful stuff.

The Artist Series


I took a punt on this. I wanted some of my favourite pals from the show to work on Mixes for me, so I got Fragile X, Very Very Small Inclusions, Pheonix York and How Hot Is Your Cloud? to create special shows for the Artist Series. It was an absolute pleasure. Check them out here.

Episode 82 (20/07/2015)

I knew the show was leaving Pulse by this point, so I forced my hand and got Craig from VVSI into the studio to trade music back and forth and see who liked the music the best. We decided that we’d just keep going after the recording reached 58 minutes leading to the bumper 1 hour 23 minute extended episode. Check it out.

The Gameyard Vol 1 and Vol 2

Two episodes of just video game music – one the advantages of doing a show online. Got away with it – look out for Volume III in the coming months.

Episode 83 (27/07/2015)

All good things must end, and so with my 82 episode I finished my run on Pulse 98.4. Bittersweet, it was to be my last time on FM radio (for the time being).

Fragile X – Cult Zeroes Volume 16 – The Monday Graveyard

Strictly not a show, I returned the favour for Fragile X and his own series, and produced a 60 minute mix with my own changes and slight remixes. I enjoyed this experience a lot.