An Update / Explanation

So you might have been wondering where the show has gone these past few months. Since April there have been three episodes; almost one a month. One in the middle of May, and two at the start and end of June. If I don’t finish episode 112 by next week, July will become the first month since December 2013 to not have had a Monday Graveyard episode released in it. There are a few reasons for this, but I need clear a few things up before we go any further.

The Monday Graveyard isn’t over, nor is it winding up. I’ve had a few messages asking what has been going on and if this petering out of momentum was related to the show ending or some other cataclysmic thing. The answer to that is absolutely not. If anything, I am more committed to the show right now than I was at the beginning of the year. This won’t be obvious considering the lack of shows so far this year, or at least since April, but I can assure you that the reason isn’t for a lack of enjoyment of doing the show.

Instead, it’s a matter of circumstance. You might know that my wife is expecting our second child this coming October, a cause for great celebration. It has, however, not been an easy pregnancy,a nd the other fact is that there is a two year old running about the house in addition to that. So as with all these things, sometimes things have to give way, and the show is an easy distraction that I sometimes find hard to find the time to record. However, that doesn’t stop me from finding and listening to amazing music, and there has been a lot of it this year so far. In fact, some of my favrouite releases this year are ambient and electronica, which is different from other years.

I have three episodes ready to be recorded and I am going to aim to get a new episode, EP112, released on Monday the 25th of July, and then stick to a strict fortnightly schedule, with the plan to try and get the episodes sorted a while in advance. I have making a show down to a tee, and can record, edit and publish a show within 45 minutes, would you believe (not including the hours of playlisting before however).

So that’s the reasons and that’s the plan. I hope you stick with the show and I have some cool stuff planned in the coming months. I thank you for sticking with me, and we have the third anniversary of the show coming up in a few months, so that’s exciting.

Thanks again.