The Future of the Monday Graveyard

I launched the Monday Graveyard back in early December 2013, a week or so after Connie and I found out we were pregnant and expecting our daughter Joni. The podcast originally broadcast back on Pulse 98.4, a community radio station in Glasgow, and in time I grew the show from a few bemused friends to a small, but fairly regular listener ship. I also fostered some awesome friendships through the show.

The show has gone through a few changes - I went full on Radio with guests in the studio, and I did full episode artist mixes. I even tried to get some exclusive interview stuff, but none of that ended up working out. In the end, in July 2015, I had to give up the FM Radio part of the show, and it became the online-only podcast that it is today.

In the past five years, the show has gone from near-on exactly weekly to nearly not broadcasting at all, and then onto the sporadic, and now maybe a little more frequent and regimented.

So, the MG Then

Podcasts build audiences on frequency. The “best” podcasts I listen to, without fail, post a new show weekly or monthly or whatever their planned schedule is. The MG has failed to manage that since the transition to podcast only since 2015, mostly due to life and stuff stopping me. That makes a lot of sense.

My listenership has amazingly still steadily risen since those heady FM days, at least online. I have no idea what the “live” audience was on the live stream online or the FM listeners when I was broadcasting on Pulse, but since then my podcast numbers have reached 2000 to 3000 regular “pings” on the RSS feed each week, and around 50 odd listening on Mixcloud. I also have listeners on Tunein Radio and other services that I don’t see. So the listenership is healthy for what I think is a very niche podcast.

At the end of the day, the main thing I’ve realised is that I’ve not fully embraced the online-only aspect of the show, sticking to the now-familiar show format of INTRO-SONG-LINK-SONG-SONG-LINK ad infinitum that works perfectly well but… can feel stale. I have an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of ideas, so maybe after five years it is time to make some changes.

Changes and New Podcasts

I’ve thought long and hard about what to do to make the show more engaging, and I think as mentioned above regularity breeds audience and enjoyment, I find. So, to that end, there are going to be some big changes coming in January. These have all been thought out, planned, and considered to try and foster a new type of audience and maybe a better show.

That’s the end goal.

So begin with, let’s talk about the first change which isn’t a change at all really. The current format of the show - an hours new and old ambient music, mixed with my own vocals - is not really going to change. It will still be somewhere between 55 to 70 minutes long, feature music by a host of new and old artists, and best of all - be regimented, one a week, every Monday. This will begin in January 2019.

From now on this will be referred to as the Monday Graveyard Show, as it already is.

MG Focus


One of the key thing that I love about podcasts is that they can create stories and narratives whilst also forming opinions on things in a small, short-form format. I feel like that is something I could bring to the table, so the MG is going to launch two new podcasts in January 2019 focusing on new things and short form items about things in the genres that the Show covers.

The first new format of the show is all about a single album - MG Focus - where I take a single classic album and play choice cuts from it, and chat about it’s genesis, history, release, trivia, impact and place in music today. The first Focus will release in January 2019 and be monthly there-after.

These are not going to be just me chatting about the album. They will have narrative, clips, other music from the same time… I have a lot planned for these and this new series.

MG Insight


The second of the new formats is going to be a third format of the show - MG Insight - where I take on a single label and investigate their artists, history, influence, my favourites and much more. The first Inisight will also release in January, and it’ll be released monthly there-after, like Focus. But with the two of them alternating weeks, so each will release every fortnight alongside the main Show.

Supporting the Show via Patreon


To help support all of this, I am changing the Patreon. In the past when I first used it I think I over-reached big time and I realise that it was complicated. Instead, to support the show, you can pay $1 a month from January 2019 to get access to a special Patreon Only Podcast - MG Monthly - that will feature news, opinions and just a little bit of chat. More on that will be revealed in the new year.

The point of the patreon is to show support for the show, and this is something I’ve found interesting to see other podcasts do. In time, through the Patreon as a Patron, there might be other things - like user submitted ideas for Focus or Insight shows, or something different, I am unsure exactly of what they will be in the end, but to be sure that there will end up being more going on with the Patreon in time.

You can check out the newly updated Patreon here.

This is mostly to help with supporting the show, and that’s all.

All of the above shows, the usual Monday Graveyard Show, MG Focus and MG Insight will remain to be free and available to everyone. They will also be delivered via the same feed into your podcast apps and the Mixcloud account.

All that is changing is that I am trying to focus on making the MG as great as it can be and could be.

Oh, and another thing…

MG Infinite


In addition to the above new podcasts, I am finally going to launch a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, stream of all of the episodes of the show from the start to the current show - MG Infinite - that will allow you to log on and listen to a continuous stream of shows without needing to chose.

Current projection suggests March 2019 for this, as there is a some technical testing and development to be completed. Patrons will be used as part of the testing.

To Summarise!

  • The Monday Graveyard Show will continue, as a regimented Monday podcast

  • A new podcast, MG Focus, will launch with a new concept focusing on a classic album in a shorter style, released fortnightly.

  • A new podcast, MG Insight, will launch with a new concept focusing on a label in a shorter style, released fortnightly.

  • The Patron is not $1 a month, and gets you access to MG Monthly, a new small general podcast about chat and other media, with me.

  • In 2019 MG Infinite will launch. More on that later.

Once again thanks for supporting the show right now, and hopefully into 2019.

Mark x