Episode 97 Bonus (11/01/2016)

This is the 31st episode of the show, rebroadcast as it originally aired as a podcast for the first time. It marked the end of the pre-Paternity prerecords and the last true live episode of the show, and it s Scottish electronic music show.


  1. Boards of Canada - Ready Let's Go
  2. Boards of Canada - Music is Math
  3. Union of Knives - Operated On
  4. Infant Telethon - Like a Protein Shake
  5. Marcia Blane School for Girls - Pink Inside
  6. Clouds - Uondaapatruru
  7. LAW - Treasurer
  8. Cocteau Twins - Lazy Calm
  9. Fragile X - We Waited All Night But They Never Came
  10. Dextro - Momentary
  11. (untitled) - (untitled)