Episode 101 (15/02/2016)

This week we have a special episode curated by Fragile X and containing music entirely from the Bricolage Collective. Best person to talk about the net label? Bricolage themselves...

The original concept for Bricolage came to me around 6 years ago. I've always wanted to curate a music hub of sorts where I could release music that I appreciated and enjoyed. Whilst also having the opportunity to give exposure to artists that I thought deserved a lot more recognition. Bricolage was actually my second attempt at doing that. I originally set up a small online collective known as "Are Friends Eclectic?" in 2010-2011. But I had no idea how to go about running it correctly or recruiting artists.

So the first, and only, release was a compilation that consisted of music by some close friends and music from myself under the masks of 5 or 6 different pseudonyms including the Fragile X guise. You can still find that release somewhere deep in the dusty corners of the internet! But it safe to say "Are Friends Eclectic?" didn't last long. A couple of mixes and one compilation and I packed it in to concentrate more on sculpting sounds for Fragile X and doing audio/visual work. "Are Friends Eclectic?" fading away to nothing was actually a blessing. It refreshed my concentration for my own musical creativity and soon I was releasing music (as Fragile X) on small independent online labels like BFW Recordings and the sadly now defunct Bath Dub Sounds. Releasing on these labels, speaking to the guys who ran them and studying how other netlabels went about their ways gave me inspiration to once again try to start my own. So finally, in late 2014, I started taking notes of a lot of artists on soundcloud that I liked. I grouped around half a dozen or so together in a notepad and followed them quite closely. Since then, in between creating my own music and producing for others I found that the artists I had noted down had grown to a dozen and then even more. I still wasn't sure how to go about contacting these people and asking them if they'd want to join a small online collective/netlabel but at the end of last summer (2015) I finally built up the courage (I know that sounds stupid but I was genuinely fearful of mailing people about it incase they scoffed at the idea!) to message 20 odd artists and ask them to contribute to a compilation. The response was overwhelmingly positive. There was the odd artist who didn't reply and one or two who politely declined but, to be honest, the majority of the artists I wanted were more than up for contributing. And that was it, Bricolage had formally launched. From there it has grown into monthly podcasts, individual EP releases, music videos, unique art pieces, compilations, more musicians (we're at 26 members now) and a lot of varied and wonderful sounds. 

I work 8am to 5pm (sometimes later) from Monday to Friday. So Bricolage has been like a second job to me. Albeit one that doesn't pay but also one that is ultimately fulfilling. The satisfaction and experience gained from doing this is better payment than any money.

I honestly can't thank the artists involved enough for helping the idea of Bricolage come to fruition. They've all been wonderful in their contributions and the time and music they've given me. 2016 is hopefully going to be a big year. We've got lots more music coming, more visuals, more themed releases, more new artists on the way and a huge collaborative project I have planned for over the summer. There's also the very real possibility of taking Bricolage onto a live scale before the end of the year but first things first. I need to establish the label a bit more and create some more exposure for it before taking it up a level. I'm not full of false hope, I know it's never going to be a huge label. But that was never my aim, the only thing I want is to be able to help, encourage and showcase artists, interact with them and give them room to express themselves. 2016 has the potential to be positive and creative for everybody involved and that for me is the key thing.

  1. Subsequent - Smallbatch <00:00>
  2. Kure - Moon Acid <02:57>
  3. Intl. Debris - Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift Part 1 <04:19>
  4. Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - Mountain Call <08:19>
  5. Slow Deep Breath - The Crow Pheasant <13:50>
  6. get-effect - No One Leaves Here Empty Handed <17:55>
  7. Fragile X - Amygdala (Lo-Jacker remix) <22:16>
  8. The Next Commuter - A Dozen Paces <27:07>
  9. Roy Or Bison? - Night Vision <31:17>
  10. Oscurito - Octopus <33:40>
  11. H.ICH - Ladyland Part II (Mental Mix) <39:50>
  12. Alan Watts
  13. Fragile X - Theory Of Colour <46:03>