The Monday Graveyard and the Pulse Shutdown (Updated)

A pretty awesome development is happening with regards to Pulse 98.4 and it has a few implications for the broadcast of the Monday Graveyard. Pulse 98.4, the community radio station that the Monday Graveyard is broadcast on, is moving to all-new studios around a mile away from the current studios in the Southside of Glasgow. The move is going to take place from the 15th of May 2015, and as you’d expect it’ll require the station to be “shutdown” to allow for the transfer to the new premises – the shut-down will not just close the station but mean that all shows are to be prerecorded. This won't impact the already podcasting MG, of course, but it does affect the show in a few ways.

This impacts the show in two ways – one, the show won’t be broadcast at 11pm on Monday night during this period, instead being shifted to a non-specific timeslot. There will still be shows, of course, but they won’t be going out at either the “Monday” or the “Graveyard” part of the name. This leads into change two – for that two week period the show will slip into its alternate (and, factoid fans, almost the official) “Mark Shields: Ambient Graveyard” name instead. If you’re an FM listener you’ll know all about this when it happens, of course, but for you lucky streamers and podcasters, you won’t notice a difference.

Each week during the shutdown there will be a new podcast appearing, at 6am on Tuesday, as per usual.  The show will be scheduled to appear in the rotating selection of pre-recorded shows that have been developed for the shutdown period, so I won't know when it will be on the actual radio, but if I do you can follow the show on Twitter for the most recent updates.

One final thing - there are going to be adverts. I know, I know - but it's important for the station.

So really you’re probably going to notice nothing different if you’re a catch-up listener. But the FM listeners will find a lovely treasure hunt to find the show. I’ll be updating on the broadcast dates when I know them (if I know them) on the Twitter page, so please tune into that and tune into the show.

Update: This post was originally posted on the 3rd of February, and was updated on the 11th of May with more information on the show's broadcast and the station's shutdown. 

The two shows, 74 and 75, have been sitting recorded in the bank for months now, and listening back even though I tried to make them date-agnostic, they'll certainly sound a bit of date when the albums I am talking about that were then due to be relapsed are now, in the future, actually released. Oops.

Additionally, there will be a non-MG style show broadcast that I recorded. I'll post the link to it later on (but, because I recorded way back in early February, some the "new" albums I am talking about are already released.

The Monday Graveyard Presents... Very Very Small Inclusions

You won't know this but Craig of Very Very Small Inclusions and I have known each other for a while. I would imagine that if you had told either of us that I'd be playing a continuous mix of his out on FM radio on my own radio show at any point in the past it would have been seen as madness on everyone's part (though mostly yours, you crazy person).

The Artists Series is meant to be an experiment in the form of radio; a mixture of new music and music not normally played on the show curated by an artist that I like or is close to the show's heart. Fragile X was a natural starting point, and the future artists are all doing their own spin on the idea - the continuous mix is something I enjoy but struggle to create (and I have no idea how folk do it week in week out mind you). This mix is absolutely wonderful; even featuring a unique remix/mash-up.

VVSI is a duo from Glasgow. That's all I will say. Their album Dispersions was released back in December 2014 and is a wonderful release: I've played a few tracks from it on the show here and there. There is even one in this guest mix. If implore you to support their work by going and buying the album from their Bandcamp page and then telling your friends to do the same. We are all people who do this for fun as a hobby and we appreciate any level of support, be it monetary or vocal. I am the lucky bastard who has managed to get these folk to do my job for me, for free. 

You can listen to the show here on Mixcloud or if you subscribe to the podcast you'll get all future Artist Series episodes delivered to your RSS feeder automatically.

And once again, thanks for listening.

Announcing... The Artists Series

It's 2015 and the show has been running since 2013. At the time of writing this post I am currently working on Episode 59 and Episode 60 of the show. I have been wanting to do new things with the show for a few months but circumstances haven't quite allowed me to start working on a lot of my ideas, but now that the new year is here it's time to announce the first new feature that is coming up.

In February 2015 the first of the Monday Graveyard presents... Artist Series will air - this is totally different to anything done on the show before. I will be inviting selected artists to create guest-mixes for the show that will be broadcast. They will chose music without any input from me bar the time constraints.

There are several artists confirmed and others that have been approached to take part. This first, however, will be Monday Graveyard favourite Fragile X with an exclusive edition of his Cult Zer0es series.

Official airdate will be confirmed shortly.

Monday Graveyard: One Year

It is incredible to think that the show has now been running for a year. And what a year. The first episode debuted on the 2nd December 2013 with the glitchey and echoey sounds of Christ.'s Spengly Bengly and a tentative voice over from myself, starting as I meant to continue with "This... is the Monday Graveyard on Pulse 98.4". You can listen to the first episode of the show (which is a pilot episode of sorts, that pulls from all angles of the musical world that I was aiming for) right here - it's still the most listened to episode I've aired, with just under 200 listeners (that's ten times the normal number of listeners).

That means that not only is it the most listened to episode, but it might mean that everyone listened to episode one... and gave up. 


To celebrate the anniversary, I am running a competition of sorts. On the 29th of December and 5th of January the two-part Monday Graveyear 2014 will be airing, showcasing some of my favourite tracks from the year in a two-part 2014-2015 straddling super-show (that I've already started recording, natch). The show will feature around two hours of drone, electronica, ambient and IDM from 2014 and I am giving one listener the chance to win the actual CDs that were used to record the episodes.

You will win
- two CDRs: each disc featuring a sixty minute run of the tracks used in each show, the best of 2014 in my humble opinion
- the CDRs will come with unique artwork hand crafted by the Monday Graveyard Team (me)
- you will also receive a hand written note saying "Thanks" from me (along with some other words)
- a shout-out on the show and this blog
- an invitation to join the show in the studio (if in the area and at your own expense)

That is a pretty neat prize. It's like a two-disc 2014 mixtape swap, only that I chose the winner and you don't have to send me anything in return (though... that might be nice). And the chance to appear on the show (if you want).

To enter the competition all you have to do is fill out the form below:

COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Winner will be announced on Friday 12 December. Thanks to everyone for entering!

The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries by my wife. The competition is open from 11.30pm on Monday the 1st December until Tuesday, 9th December 2014 at 7pm GMT, and the winner will be announced on Friday the 12th December 2014 via email and the show's Twitter page. Make sure you enter a valid email address!

Terms and Conditions and Stuff

Your email address will not be used for anything other than the competition entry and contact in the case of you winning. No spam, no thing. You're not signing up to a mailing list. All this is is sending me an email to my inbox saying you're entering my competition. I promise.

A few other little terms and conditions - you can only enter once per email address, but multiple times via multiple email addresses (but they must be legit email addresses). Also, you can enter from anywhere in the world as long as you can get a CD-sized package delivered (if you're on the ISS you're out of luck).

Additionally - by entering you agree to abide by the final draw and decision made, and that by entering you also to agree to not share the music or CDRs with anyone other that youself if you win. The prize has no monetary value of course; just priceless sentimental value.

Monday Graveyard is now a Podcast


So after some serious deliberation the show is now a downloadable podcast. Each Tuesday AM the show will magically make its way into your selected podcatcher. It's a big deal.

It will officially start with this week's show, episode 47, but you will find episode 46 on there as a test.

A few caveats - the show is supporting artists, and by making this a podcast I am attempting to widen the reach of the show by making it easier more likely for those who want to listen to be able to listen. If any artist objects, I'll cut them out as per their wishes. I am a fan trying to make more fans. 

The other is that you should share the the show far and wide. Please. I want this to make the show wider and larger and more widely listened.

So how to sign up? Well, it's easy. You will be able to find the show inside iTunes once they approve it, and you can add the "RSS" feed by coping the following into your podcatcher.


I've detailed the Podcast Terms and Conditions here. Please read them, if you get a chance.

Announcement: Special Shows in May

As Promised...

I have a really exciting announcement that if you were listening live to the show last night you'll have already found out - May is the month of guests. So far I have got two friends of the show lined up to come in and chat and share music.

Host of the Echolalia Radio show on Pulse and ZerO DeGraff on Future Sounds Chirs is someone who not only is an inspration for the professionalism of the show that I aim for, also helped me out starting on the live broadcasts. Known on his shows for experiemtanl and eclectic choices, he loves ambient and drone, and will be in to chat and discuss his musical choices.

Echolalia Radio on Mixcloud
ZerO DeGraff on Mixcloud

Hidden away artist Fragile X featured back on the Monday Backyard show. Based in Glasgow and about to release his new album in May, FX will be in to have a bit of chat, display his new wares, and play some really choice cuts from his selection of music. Also, his taste is impressive - check out his Cult Zeroes series on Mixcloud to see what I mean.

Fragile X on Mixcloud

Upcoming Shows

Thought I might shed some light on a few shows coming up in the next month. Might as well, eh?

Monday 31st March
Show 17 - Normal Show. 
This show is nothing "special", but still will have a lovingly crafted selection of ambient and electronic music. I think it'll be a nice return to the normal show runs after last week's LAPD episode.

Monday 7th April
Show 18 - "Neoclassical Show". 
This shwo will feature soundtrack, neo-classical, classical and other artists in that similar vein. If you've got any suggestions let me know.

Monday 14th April
Show 19 - "North Americana".
This show will be featuring artists from the US and Canada exclusively, which gives me a reason to play some of my favourite drone artists. Look out for some excellent new stuff too from some unheard artists.

Monday 21st April
Show 20 - Normal Show, but prerecorded. 
This show will be prerecorded, as I am in Reading on a training course, and as such won't be live. Sorry about that. Will be a normal show without any special reasons.

As ever, if you have anything that you think I should play or listen to email the show and let me know!


Welcome to the blog of the ambient electronic music show Monday Graveyard that is to start airing in December on Pulse 98.4 in Glasgow.

For more information about the show, check out this post on my own personal blog. In the future you will find news about the show and catch up Mixcloud casts of the shows that were broadcast.

For now just listen to the Spotify playlist that started it all here: