Wednesday Digest 1 (15/01/2014)

Good morning, and welcome to the first of many Wednesday Digests, where I post the things that I have been listening to and reading about in the ambient, drone, electronic and etc music genres in the past few days. This is only possible with the help of my listeners, who suggest and put me onto new music. If you have a tip or something you want to appear in the blog's digest, just email the show or link it to me on Twitter @mondaygraveyard.

MOGWAI - "Rave Tapes" album stream
The new Mogwai album, Rave Tapes, is out this coming week, and as such there is an advance stream available online here. Have a listen; it's not a drastic a shift as Remurdered suggested, but I am really enjoying listening to it, and it's the first new album of 2014 I've enjoyed.

PYE CORNER AUDIO - Black Mill Tapes Vol.4
Pye Corner Audio will appear in an upcoming episode of the Monday Graveyard, but before that you can go and download the fourth volume of the Black Mill Tapes from their Bandcamp page right here. Sounds a lot like the Ghostbox and Architeq stuff that I really enjoy.

RICKY EAT ACID - New album "Three Love Songs" 
A glowing review over on Gold Flake Paint sets the tone, and the streaming track at the bottom is worth checking out. This has jumped to the top of my most-anticipated list of 2014.

Listen to it here:

BODY IN THE THAMES - Soundcloud 
I played Body in the Thames on this weeks show, so here's the link to his stuff on Soundcloud. Have a listen.