Upcoming Shows

Thought I might shed some light on a few shows coming up in the next month. Might as well, eh?

Monday 31st March
Show 17 - Normal Show. 
This show is nothing "special", but still will have a lovingly crafted selection of ambient and electronic music. I think it'll be a nice return to the normal show runs after last week's LAPD episode.

Monday 7th April
Show 18 - "Neoclassical Show". 
This shwo will feature soundtrack, neo-classical, classical and other artists in that similar vein. If you've got any suggestions let me know.

Monday 14th April
Show 19 - "North Americana".
This show will be featuring artists from the US and Canada exclusively, which gives me a reason to play some of my favourite drone artists. Look out for some excellent new stuff too from some unheard artists.

Monday 21st April
Show 20 - Normal Show, but prerecorded. 
This show will be prerecorded, as I am in Reading on a training course, and as such won't be live. Sorry about that. Will be a normal show without any special reasons.

As ever, if you have anything that you think I should play or listen to email the show and let me know!