Episode 16 – the Live LAPD Show

The idea for the show is literally taken from the You AreListening To concept. It allows you play both ambient and drone music alongside the police scanners. It was a no brainer, for me, once I had heard the way the voices changed the music and the music changed the voices. The ehteral anonymous soap opera of the concept tickled my fancy.

I had to work out how to do it – was I going to play the random music from the site? Or curate a soothing movie soundtrack-esque playlist? How was I going to get the police on the show? We have no live link in the studio. Would the service let me broadcast? Will it even work!? Who knew?

Well, it did. The curated playlist is below and you can listen again by clicking on the play again button up there or on this link. A wee shapshot of the background behind the scenes work and also how ramshackle the whole thing was.
  1. 36 – Ofelia – Shadow Play
  2. Rachel’s – An Evening of Long Good Byes – Seleography
  3.  Moby – Wait for Me – Wait for Me (Ambient)
  4. Deaf Center – Hunted Twice – Owl Splinters
  5. Willamette – A Year of Failure, A Year of Fortune – Always in Post Script
  6.  Aidan Baker – Closure Operator I – Closure Axioms
  7. Hammock – Three Sisters – Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
  8. Grouper – Being Her Shadow – The Man Who Died in His Boat
  9. General Fuzz – Warm Steel – Soulful Ending
  10. Winterlight – Suddenly Something Good – Hope Dies Last
  11. Benn Jordan – Floating Vacuum – Pale Blue Dot: A Tribute to Carl Sagan)
  12.  Library Tapes – Fragment II – Fragmen
  13.    Library Tapes – Fragment III - Fragment

If you have any comments, let me know. Here are the people I need to thank:

Eric Erbhardt for the concept. Go here to check it out.
Brodcastify for the feed and the permission.

And 99% Invisible for the inspiration for the show. You should check out Roman’s work; it’s a great micro podcast.