The Micro Label Special #1 - Meet the Labels

On Monday night I had a very special show when in I played nine tracks from a range of DIY/Cassette/Micro labels that deal with ambient, drone and soundscapes. Of course, these labels are small, but they are no less deserving of our praise and time than the larger labels, and in my mind the people behind them are to be commended in running these outlets for fabulous art. To help with this, and to help linking to the show, I have listed the releases and the labels that featured on the show here. Share this around.

If you want to listen to the show it’s going to be available to download later on tonight once I have picked it up from the system.

As an aside, I have a few labels linked in the Friends ofthe Show page which you will find here. And finally, if you’re in love with or are an artist on or you run a label that I will like, contact me and send me your stuff. I plan a second part of this showcase in a few weeks (probably by the end of March).


I played Glottalstop’s amazing Woodsmoke from the WoodsmokeLP, and it’s available on Tartaruga Records. Find Tartaruga here.


I started the show with Circulation of Light’s Winding /Winded cassette. Sangsoplasmo’s a Polish label, and focuses primarily on Polish based drone and ambient, but also releases international artists. You can findSangsoplasmo here.


The work of Ghosting Season has been on my radar for a while, and they have plent on their Soundcloud to keep you happy. The duo also release music as Worried About Satan. The best thing about This Is It Forever is that they no only release their own stuff, but also work from a range of other artists. This Is It Forever can be found here.


A previous Label of the Week, this new cassette label has several releases coming out this year, as it’s first batch, and the track I played this week was from Komodo Haunts’ new album Earth Dreams, due in the spring. It’s bloody marvellous, and you should bookmark Harmonic ArctiulationTapes for sure.


Housecraft Records' stuff is GREAT. Seriously. According to my research, the label is run by Xiphiidae artist Jeffry Astin from his home in Gainesville, Florida. The artist I played was Heat Sureens, and you can find Housecraft stuff here.


A wonderful label, Rano does only limited edition runs, with the mantra of “sought after, not saturated” an amazing ideal to go by. I played Russel M Harmon’s Tragedy Fractures on the show, and you’ll find a shed load ofamazing releases at the Rano homepage here.


Another incredible small label focused on cassette releases, this is the first release on the label, and can be found here.


Low Point is based in Nottingham and focuses on the drone and ambient genres. A wide variety of releases can be found from such artists as Kyle Boddy Dunn, Ex-Easter Island Head and the track I played, by Nickolas Mohana. Find their site with all their releases here.


As mentioned on the show, Tim David Brice tragically passed away recently, and the label that he ran was astonishingly brilliant. Both labels can be found here, and I will keep you updated on the compilation's release. The artist that I played on Monday, Twisted Perspective, submitted an amazing track for the compilation, and it was the End of Day track.