Monday Graveyard: One Year

It is incredible to think that the show has now been running for a year. And what a year. The first episode debuted on the 2nd December 2013 with the glitchey and echoey sounds of Christ.'s Spengly Bengly and a tentative voice over from myself, starting as I meant to continue with "This... is the Monday Graveyard on Pulse 98.4". You can listen to the first episode of the show (which is a pilot episode of sorts, that pulls from all angles of the musical world that I was aiming for) right here - it's still the most listened to episode I've aired, with just under 200 listeners (that's ten times the normal number of listeners).

That means that not only is it the most listened to episode, but it might mean that everyone listened to episode one... and gave up. 


To celebrate the anniversary, I am running a competition of sorts. On the 29th of December and 5th of January the two-part Monday Graveyear 2014 will be airing, showcasing some of my favourite tracks from the year in a two-part 2014-2015 straddling super-show (that I've already started recording, natch). The show will feature around two hours of drone, electronica, ambient and IDM from 2014 and I am giving one listener the chance to win the actual CDs that were used to record the episodes.

You will win
- two CDRs: each disc featuring a sixty minute run of the tracks used in each show, the best of 2014 in my humble opinion
- the CDRs will come with unique artwork hand crafted by the Monday Graveyard Team (me)
- you will also receive a hand written note saying "Thanks" from me (along with some other words)
- a shout-out on the show and this blog
- an invitation to join the show in the studio (if in the area and at your own expense)

That is a pretty neat prize. It's like a two-disc 2014 mixtape swap, only that I chose the winner and you don't have to send me anything in return (though... that might be nice). And the chance to appear on the show (if you want).

To enter the competition all you have to do is fill out the form below:

COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Winner will be announced on Friday 12 December. Thanks to everyone for entering!

The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries by my wife. The competition is open from 11.30pm on Monday the 1st December until Tuesday, 9th December 2014 at 7pm GMT, and the winner will be announced on Friday the 12th December 2014 via email and the show's Twitter page. Make sure you enter a valid email address!

Terms and Conditions and Stuff

Your email address will not be used for anything other than the competition entry and contact in the case of you winning. No spam, no thing. You're not signing up to a mailing list. All this is is sending me an email to my inbox saying you're entering my competition. I promise.

A few other little terms and conditions - you can only enter once per email address, but multiple times via multiple email addresses (but they must be legit email addresses). Also, you can enter from anywhere in the world as long as you can get a CD-sized package delivered (if you're on the ISS you're out of luck).

Additionally - by entering you agree to abide by the final draw and decision made, and that by entering you also to agree to not share the music or CDRs with anyone other that youself if you win. The prize has no monetary value of course; just priceless sentimental value.