Why... Mixcloud?

This is part of a series of posts where the Monday Graveyard answers a common question. Want to ask a question? Contact the show.

One of the main things that makes my show even slightly possible is the fact that it’s recorded and able to be streamed online after broadcast. It’s mostly because I know that almost no one listens to the show live on Fm in Glasgow, most who do listen live will be listening on the Tunein Radio application or via the stream online, but even then live on a Monday night, 11pm to midnight, is late. I know this.

In fact, the only reason I am in this game is actually because of Mixcloud – I was told by a friend who operates his own radio over in Edinburgh that they allowed radio show uploads, and then I was all over it in a matter of weeks, starting the Wednesday Graveyard. The reason was that I am very aware of music appropriation – that you can’t really be allowed to use peoples art for gain without them keeping control over it, or at least being able to get a gain from it. Pretending otherwise is crazy.

As a music fan, I rarely download illegally anymore (though there was a time in my life I did… a lot). I don’t buy as much music as I used to do (2 albums a week was a common theme when living in Aberdeen) but I do stream it legally. Now, there’s plenty to be argued against doing that as an ethical way out of buying stuff, but I do buy stuff I like. But uploading peoples music to be then downloaded (either as a podcast/stream) or otherwise seemed like a really strange way of doing it.

Mixcloud on the other-hand doesn’t let you download, only stream, and they do pay PRS to the artists on the playlists (I’m told, though who really knows).

So yeah, that’s why Mixcloud. It’s a way to support the artists, it’s actually quite a good site now (when I first started using it it was a bit ropey) but otherwise it’s pretty impressive.

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