About Show

This is the Monday Graveyard, an ambient electronic music show in Scotland. It is presented weekly from 11pm to 12am on Pulse 98.4 FM Community Radio, which is available in the South of Glasgow on 98.4 FM, via the Tunein Radio app, on the Pulse website, and as a catch-up on demand podcast on Mixcloud.

The show is primarily a show about electronic music with ambient influences and part of the ambient genre, but I actually will take any good electronic music and use excuses to see it as a fit for the show. However, if you're a label or an artist and you have some stuff that you think I might like, send it to me via one of the methods under "Contact". I am endeavour to listen to (and play) anything on the show that I am sent.

My name is Mark Shields and I am 28 and Scottish. I currently live in Glasgow, but have lived in Aberdeen and Houston, Texas, in my life. I have a wife and a dog called Uncle Frank.

If you sound like the following artists, or really like the following artists, you should be sending me stuff or listening to the show; Loscil, Boards of Canada, John Cage, Emancipator, Nathan Fake, Kreng, Pye Corner Audio, Errors, Mogwai, Tim Hecker, Aenon, Olan Mill, Tycho, or something like that.

I like the labels Krany, Boomkat, Ghost Box, Ghostly International, Kompakt... so let me know if I should be listening to you.