Episode 28 Companion

Listen to Episode 28 by clicking here.

Welcome to the second companion blog post for this week’s episode. It had been a very warm and busy week leading up to this week’s episode that involved a load of cleaning of my house, building a nursery for the coming bairn, and a whole host of other things. To celebrate the asontishginly warm few days we have been having here in Glasgow and the rest of the UK I compiled a rather gloriously chilled out session for Monday’s show.

Following last week’s “nonsense” of a 32 minute song, I returned the show to it’s more normal format, with a 12 minute long track from Illuha and another from Chiehie Hatakeyama and Hakobune that pushed 23 minutes. However, the show was a non-stop show packed with 59 minutes of gloriously trippy and chilled out music, and I hope that it’s vibes were perfectly matched to your feelings, and that the heat and the subsequent lethargy was complimented by the cooling sounds of the artists I played.

Speaking of which, I had two labels of the week this week. Read a bit more about them below:

12k – Home Page

Formed by Taylor Dupree in 1997 as a place for minimal electronic music to be housed, 12k has featured a lot on the show in the course of the run, and will continue to do so as the show continues. Not only work from Mr Dupree himself in some case, but this week featured releases from Illuha and their 2014 album Akari and Fourcolor’s 2006 album Letter of Sounds both coming from 12k. Check out their homepage and check out the links below to releases on Amazon if you want to support the show – 5% of each sale goes back into the Monday Graveyard fund.

Denovali – Home Page

The times Denovali have been featured on the Monday Graveyard are too numerous to even be possible to comment on, but the label features favourites such as new signing Matthew Collings, this week’s play from Talvihorros, and others such as Field Rotation, Floex, Origamibiro, Petrels and Poppy Ackroyd. I have promised a Denovali based show, but due to the upcoming break, it has been hard to fit into the show’s planned future, and so I’m dripping stuff into the show right now and in the next couple of weeks. One thing I will say – keep an eye out for Swingfest, Denovali’s festival of their music and more. A 2015 date in London is planned, and in October there’s a date in Essen.

All that there is to say is thanks for listening to the show, share it around, and comment on the show in the usual ways. Use the links below to check out music from the artists played and support them and the show, if you can.