Episode 33 Companion

A few years ago I stumbled across an un-labeled CD of my own making, back when making CDs was today's equivalent of making a Spotify playlist. I listened to the entire tracklisting, as if it were a timewarp, and also pretending it was a test: at some point in my life these songs were the ones I wanted to listen to... could I remember them all? The answer was, amusingly, almost yes.


I bring this up because doing these companion blog posts for each prerecorded show is a good way of keeping in touch and making sure each show has "worked", but also as a funny way of seeing if I can even remember recording the shows. Last week's "first" PR episode was easily the worst. If you have been here since the beginning, the show started out as a prerecorded show, before growing up into a live experience that you hear now. The thing was that I had de-learned how to use the Studio 2 system (which is far more complex than that of the Studio 1 desk by a long way). 

What it meant was that each show ended up sounding slightly different, because all it takes is a slight move of one knob on the desk (which is a plethora of different settings) that I honestly don't fully understand how some of them work. Some episodes sound better than others - this week's sounds amazing. Something was set up prefectly.

I played a few really great tracks tonight; the Xela album is brilliant, and the Christopher Bissonette track is one of my all time favourites. Also, how about that Ancient Astronaut track? Almost trip-hop post-rock?

Thanks for listening to the show as we go through this break and thanks for reading these posts. Get in touch, please, let me know how you feel the show has been going.