Episode 29 Companion

Listen to Episode 29 Now.

Each episode is tackled differently, each week, and I try to mix up what each show is going to feel like when listening live. Most weeks end up being a bit scattershot, or others are planned well in advance and end up being pretty impressive, but mostly it is just a scattering of tracks that seem to make sense when putting them together, and if I can weave a narrative together for the episode then that makes it better.

For this episode, however, I had the playlist set for several weeks and had been playing the show's tracks almost nonstop for the days leading up to the show. This used to be the case almost every week, but now with the Paternity Prerecords in full swing I've had anywhere from three to six shows in my head at any one time, and focusing on one show isn't an easy task.

This week though I had ran out of prerecorded episodes, reaching PR7 on Sunday, and that show had been playlisted weeks in advance. Now, I was ready to reboot the PR series with new tracks and new playlists, and as of writing this post it's up to PR13 now, which is likely to be the last prerecorded show anyway, which is great.

And that is the story of episode 29. 

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