Download and Buy - Loscil's "for Greta"

This week (episode 75) I featured Loscil's "Angle of List" from his most recent studio album Sea Island, a 73 minute behemoth that was one of my favourite albums of last year. Early this year he released an EP that I missed titled "for Greta" and this week I delved into it's release, and found it very important to share with you. In the coming weeks I am putting together a two-part Bandcamp special episode and this release will be featured (a bit of a spoiler there). 

Loscil was one of my gateway artists into this world that I know inhabit, being one of the first recommendations handed to me when I discovered my love of the ambient genre and that's obvious when looking back at the show's playlists - he's featured seven times, the second most of any artist (Boards of Canada being the most, of course) across the entire run of the show, in episodes 1, 7, 12, 32, 47, 55 and 75.

The EP's release is in support of Loscil's collaborator and friend Tim and his family - his daughter Greta was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. This is a cause that is close to my heart in my own personal ways, but it's important to note that for a small (or large) donation you'll get a short three track EP of wonderfully emotive ambient by Loscil.

To follow updates and join Greta's Team on Facebook, click here.
To read more about the release from Resident Advisor, click here.
And, most importantly, donate and get the EP from Bandcamp.

Episode 32 Companion

Listen to Episode 32 here.

The pause in live shows is here, and for that I am simultaneously happy and sad. You see, I love doing the live shows. They are the life blood of the show, in my opinion, and they are what makes doing this show so enjoyable for me. I might joke on the shows that I don't get any texts, but I have a loyal band of friends, fans and DJs who listen each week, and when they get in touch (live or otherwise, of course) it is a thrill. I love the reactions to the shows, the music I play, and the themes that I work into the show. The LAPD show, for instance, or the Micro Label show we the exact reason I wanted to do this show on Pulse.

Now, for good reason, I have had to stop doing the prerecords. It is one of the reasons I started doing these companion blogs, actually, because they were recorded well in advance of their airing - this episode, the first, was recorded back in May (!) and it feels odd to be so disconnected from the show and what I am playing out.


I am happy though to not be at the station at 11pm on Monday nights; I need the sleep. You have no idea how tired I have been ever since starting the show in December (my wife will attest to that) and considering that the show was commissioned the same weekend that we discovered we were pregnant, it's nice to have an early bed on Monday night...

...well, a relative early bed. I did listen to the show, in my bed, but not having to drive home from the station at 12.45am is a good thing.

This week's show was an odd one - at the point of conception I'd still not 100% confirmed my approach, and the tracks were mostly off-cuts, unused tracks from the previous 24 or so shows. This gives it a bit of a disjointed vibe, but it holds together. The centrepiece of the Matthew Dear track works better than I thought at the time.

Please, stay in touch. I spent a lot of time on some of the shows, and there's a few crackers coming up.