A Change for the Better

What Has Happened?

If you're here, that means that you've found out that the old blog is no more. Well, it is still there, online, and it will grow cobwebs now, but I don't think it's fair to delete it.

However, you will notice that this new place is a lot different than the other place. First of, who is this Mark Shields, and what is his blog doing here? Well, in the interests of making it easier to know who I am and other things, I've moved everything that is me online into the one place. Find out more here.

What does this mean for the Monday Graveyard's online presence?

It actually means a lot - first of all, this place is more site like. So there will be galleries, reviews, more articles, and a lot more content. I plan on doing more with the blog, and putting into a new place makes that a lo easier.

Also, remember the covers? Well they'll be here too.

So, in short, plenty has changed, but not everything will be obvious until I get the whole site up and running. This is the first step towards a better and more complimentary Monday Graveyard show. 

As always, please get in touch with the show.