Episode 27 Companion

Listen to Episode 27, from 9th of June 2014

This episode was to do one thing – play BVDub. I had been saying for a long time, and maybe since way back in the beginning, that I wanted to explore the limits of what radio could afford me in terms of long form music, and this track had been looming for months and months, tempting me each week. The issue with playing a track that is 30+ minutes on what is essentially a 58 minute long show is that is certainly more than 50% of my running time. In fact, in this episode, the issue was that I had even less time, around 56 minutes, so my 58 minute playlist of music was going to be truncated by quite a bit.

The reason that had me stalling playing the music on the show was simple – I had music I wanted to play first. As you may notice, only three other tracks were played in this episode, which is something that was hard almost every other week, and the long form tracks would drop out in favour of playing more from other artists that I really fancied.

However, because of the Paternity Pre-records I was being super proactive in developing playlists for the upcoming shows. I had, at one point, seven live shows and four pre-recorded shows planned out, which meant that instead of being one or two weeks ahead of myself, I was able to consider the future of the show, and if each episode is taken as a microcosm, the whole “season” of shows must be taken too, so that enabled me to decide where to place the 30 minute long song.

As you may notice now, I spend an inordinate amount of time playlisting my shows. It’s not as haphazard as you might expect listening, nor as off the cuff. In fact, recently, I changed how I make and construct the playlists – before, I used to have more than a full hour of music, around 65 minutes, and knew that a few tracks wouldn't be played. Indeed, in a past episode, I added these two missed tracks to the end of the show as a Podcast Extra. Now, however, I aim for somewhere between 54 and 58 minutes, because that not only means I have to play the tracks I am for, but also tempers the amount of chat and time I have to talk.

So yeah, the BVDub track was important and had long been planned. And more will come in the future – 25 minutes, and maybe that long promised 40 minute Hakobune track, but we will see.

Also played is the first track from the Royksopp and Robin album Do It Again. Seriously, listen to that. And as well as that was the wonderful Phantom Band with Doom Patrol and then Ian Hawgood, with apologies to him for cutting his work short.

For all my planning, I still talk too much.

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