A Guide to How to Listen to the Monday Graveyard

Since the show started back in December 2013 there have been a variety of different components to the show and how to listen. With the advent of the download version this week you can now listen in tonnes of ways. To help with this, I've written this blog post to clear a few things up. 

Listen Live

You can listen to the show live in two ways - on 98.4FM in the south of Glasgow if you have an old school radio, or online via a stream. There are two ways to stream - from the Pulse website or through the Tunein Radio app. The Tunein Radio app is the best - just search for the station.  

The show airs 11pm to midnight on Mondays.  


There are two options for streaming the show now. You'll find the entire back catalogue of shows on Mixcloud with social features and comment boxes as well as the artwork for each show.  

The second is here on the blog on the Podcast page.  


You can have the show magically appear every Tuesday morning at 6am in your podcast feed by adding the show to your podcatcher application. We are currently working on being added to a range of directories such as iTunes, Tunein Radio, Pocketcast, Beyond Pod and others but for now you'll have to manually add the shows podcast feed url to you app. Simply copy the below link to your catcher (normally found under a "subscribe" option) and that'll set it up.  


If you are having issues please let the show know and we'll get on trying to sort it out. Thanks for listening! 

Monday Graveyard is now a Podcast


So after some serious deliberation the show is now a downloadable podcast. Each Tuesday AM the show will magically make its way into your selected podcatcher. It's a big deal.

It will officially start with this week's show, episode 47, but you will find episode 46 on there as a test.

A few caveats - the show is supporting artists, and by making this a podcast I am attempting to widen the reach of the show by making it easier more likely for those who want to listen to be able to listen. If any artist objects, I'll cut them out as per their wishes. I am a fan trying to make more fans. 

The other is that you should share the the show far and wide. Please. I want this to make the show wider and larger and more widely listened.

So how to sign up? Well, it's easy. You will be able to find the show inside iTunes once they approve it, and you can add the "RSS" feed by coping the following into your podcatcher.



I've detailed the Podcast Terms and Conditions here. Please read them, if you get a chance.